House prices rise by 2.3%

House prices in the UK has risen by 2.3% compared to last year, defying surveyors' predictions that they would fall. Much of the increase was driven by a 6.5% rise in London, but they fell by 11.8% in Northern Ireland.

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Slight rise in house prices driven by southern England

The UK average house price is £231,000 Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

House prices in much of England rose slightly over the year to June in sharp contrast to falling prices in Scotland and Northern Ireland, official figures show.

There was an overall increase of 2.3% in UK-wide prices, driven by a 6.5% rise in London as well as rises in the South West and South East. These markets helped to bring the average UK house price to £231,000.

But prices fell by 11.9% in Northern Ireland over the same period to average £131,000. Prices also dropped by 1% in Scotland year-on-year to reach £180,000, while those in Wales remained flat at £154,000.


Home vendors 'must be realistic over prices'

Despite the terrible weather seen in many parts of the county last month, a steady number of potential buyers still got out there to test the market.

However, this didn't result in a higher level of actual transactions. Fewer sellers are putting their homes up for sale and the ongoing problem of accessing affordable finance is not helping.

If vendors want to sell their homes quickly, they will have to be realistic in their price expectations.

– Peter Bolton King, RICS global residential director

Why house prices are set to fall

Sales are expected to pick up slightly in the next few months, but both prices and sales figures are likely to show a deterioration in the next year, the study found.

More drops are expected in the coming months, surveyors have said Credit: PA Wire

Lenders have been tightening their borrowing criteria in recent months amid the weak economy and Bank of England figures recently showed that mortgage approvals dropped to an 18-month low in June.

Competition has recently increased among lenders who have cut rates to attract buyers with larger amounts of equity, but borrowers with smaller deposits are expected to have a particularly tough time finding a deal in the coming months.

The start of the school holidays meant activity in the market tailed off further, with the number of new sellers coming to market declining for the third month in a row, while demand from buyers remained broadly flat despite the wet weather, the study said.

RICS said that the the difficulties many buyers are having in getting a mortgage has contributed to the drop in transactions.

House prices rise in London but fall elsewhere in UK

  • London, which has had strong interest from overseas buyers, is the only region where more surveyors reported price rises than falls.
  • The West and East Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside were the areas where surveyors were the most likely to report prices falling.
  • The North and North West regions however are seeing demand from buyers generally rising over the last four months in a row, while demand has either been unchanged or dropped off elsewhere.

UK house prices set to fall

House prices are falling and more drops are expected in the coming months, surveyors said today.

House prices are set to fall, surveyors have said Credit: PA Wire

A balance of 24% more surveyors reported falling rather than rising prices last month, the most negative reading since June 2011, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) said.


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