Calls to strip ex-MP of honour

A former Conservative MP is facing calls to be stripped of his knighthood after the Hillsborough Independent Panel revealed he was one of the sources for The Sun's "The Truth" article in 1989, which contained lies about Liverpool fans in the disaster

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Irvine Patnick 'deeply and sincerely sorry' for Hillsborough role

Sir Irvine Patnick pictured receiving his knighthood in 1994. Credit: PA

A former Conservative MP named as one of the sources behind The Sun's controversial coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy today said he was "deeply and sincerely sorry" for the part he played in the scandal.

Sir Irvine Patnick said he had been given "wholly inaccurate" information by some members of the police and was "appalled" at the extent of the cover-up surrounding the disaster.

But the former Tory MP for Sheffield Hallam said he "totally" accepted responsibility for repeating the information, which led to the tabloid newspaper's notorious front page story headlined The Truth.

MP calls for Hillsborough police honours to be stripped

An MP said that police officers and other officials who were recognised with an honour following the Hillsborough disaster but implicated in the cover-up should be stripped of their awards.

In a question to Commons Leader Andrew Lansley, the SDLP's Mark Durkan (Foyle) said:

Can you tell us when and from whom we may expect a statement indicating that the Forfeiture Committee is going to look at the honours attached to the names of anyone implicated in the scandalous syndicate of deceit exposed yesterday?

Mr Lansley said he would ask a Government colleague to write to Mr Durkan if the committee decided to review honours handed out to those involved.


Daily Telegraph criticised over front page

The Daily Telegraph has been criticised on Twitter after they decided not to put the Hillsborough report on the front page of the newspaper.

Conservative MP: 'MacKenzie's apology hedged with an excuse'

MP calls for Sir Irvine Patnick to be stripped of knighthood

Sir Irvine Patnick was one of the sources for The Sun's coverage, saying the tragedy was 'mayhem caused by drunks', according to reports. Credit: Press Association

Labour MP John Mann has written to David Cameron calling for the Forfeiture Committee to strip former Tory MP Tory Sir Irvine Patnick of his knighthood for his role in reporting of the events of the Hillsborough disaster.

The Hillsborough Independent Panel described his testimony as one of the sources of "despicable untruth" that vilified the victims. John Mann MP said:

"The shameful and disgusting behaviour of Sir Irvine Patnick is a significant feature in the Hillsborough independent Panel Report and his knighthood should be removed immediately.

"David Cameron should now do the right thing and take the necessary steps to do this.

Fred Goodwin brought the honours system in to disrepute and we now know that Sir Irvine Patnick has done the same and appropriate action should be taken”.


The Sun on the 'blackest day' of the paper's history

An editorial comment in today's Sun newspaper reiterates The Sun's sorrow at its mistake:

The Sun's reporting of the Hillsborough tragedy 23 years ago is without doubt the blackest day in this newspaper's history.

The Hillsborough Independent Panel's report into the disaster lays bare the disgraceful attempt by South Yorkshire police to hide their culpability behind a smokescreen of lies.

But it is to the eternal discredit of The Sun that we reported as fact this misinformation which tarnished the reputation of Liverpool fans including the 96 victims.

Today we unreservedly apologise to the Hillsborough victims, their families, Liverpool supporters, the city of Liverpool and all our readers for that misjudgment.

The role of a newspaper is to uncover injustice. To forensically examine the claims made by those who are in positions of power.

In the aftermath of the Hillsborough tragedy we failed.

And by failing in our duty we heaped more misery on the families of those who lost their lives and the people of Liverpool.

Nothing can excuse The Sun's Page One presentation, under the headline The Truth.

It was inaccurate, grossly insensitive and offensive. This version of events was not the truth.

Sun editor: 'We're deeply ashamed and profoundly sorry'

In a video posted on The Sun's website, its current editor, Dominic Mohan, responded to today's Hillsborough report and said the newspaper had "made a terrible mistake" in publishing "an inaccurate and offensive story about the events at Hillsborough".

Mr Mohan added: "We're deeply ashamed and profoundly sorry".

He also said that the newspaper had co-operated fully with the Hillsborough Independent Panel and will publish reports of its findings in Thursday's newspaper.

He concluded by saying: "We will also reflect our deep sense of shame."

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Dominic Mohan: 'The Sun newspaper made a terrible mistake'

Responding to today's Hillsborough report, The Sun's Editor Dominic Mohan, said:

Twenty-three years ago The Sun newspaper made a terrible mistake. We published an inaccurate and offensive story about the events at Hillsborough. We said it was the truth - it wasn't. The Hillsborough Independent Panel has now established what really happened that day. It's an appalling story and at the heart of it are the police's attempts to smear Liverpool fans.

It's a version of events that 23 years ago The Sun went along with and for that we're deeply ashamed and profoundly sorry. We've co-operated fully with the Hillsborough Independent Panel and will publish reports of their findings in tomorrow's newspaper. We will also reflect our deep sense of shame.

– The Sun's Editor Dominic Mohan
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