Ben Needham search paused

British police have said their search for Ben Needham, who went missing on the Greek island of Kos 21 years ago, has ended for the weekend.

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Police use radar equipment in search for Ben

UK police in Kos have been using the specialist equipment to search the area around the farmhouse Ben Needham disappeared from. Credit: ITV News

UK police officers are using a specialist penetrating radar system capable of x-raying the ground in their search for Ben Needham. Home Office staff are using the device to search under the concrete slabs around a farmhouse in Kos where Ben Needham was last seen more than 21-years ago.

Specialist officers begin fourth day of search for Ben

Police on the Greek holiday island of Kos have been searching an area near a farmhouse where Ben Needham vanished 21 years ago.

Specialist officers are using metal detectors and other specialised equipment to search for things like toys the missing toddler could have been playing with when he disappeared.


Ben Needham's mum speaks of heartache as search continues

Kerry Needham has told ITV Calendar about the pain of being in the country and how she will not be attending the search of land near a farmhouse where Ben vanished 21 years ago.

Kerry Needham arrives in Kos as the search for Ben continues Credit: Calendar

She said: "I don't know what it is - just the place - it kills me inside. I couldn't go there last time so knowing what the police are doing up there now I don't think my emotions could take it, so no I'm not going."

Watch the full interview on ITV Calendar.

Ben Needham's grandfather and police at scene of search

Det Supt Matt Fenwick, of South Yorkshire Police, talks to the press in Kos. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

South Yorkshire Police officers are searching farmland on the Greek island of Kos close to where Sheffield toddler Ben Needham went missing 21 years ago. Ben's grandfather, Eddie, is assisting the search.

Ben's grandfather Eddie with police at the scene of the toddler's disappearance in Kos. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

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