Lebanon violence continues

There are reports that one person has been killed and others have been wounded across Lebanon after a night of tension following the funeral of an intelligence official killed by a car bomb.

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Baroness Ashton meets Lebanon's Prime Minister

European Union foreign policy chief Baroness Ashton Credit: APTN

European Union foreign policy chief Baroness Ashton met with Lebanon's Prime Minister Najib Mikati in his Government Palace in Beirut this morning to discuss the ongoing crisis in Syria. Baroness Ashton is on a tour of the region.

Mikati was working from home three days after he suspended his decision to resign in protest at the assassination of security official Wissam al-Hassan.

European Union foreign policy chief Baroness Ashton and Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati Credit: APTN

The visit comes as Lebanese troops continued their major security operation to open all roads and force gunmen off the streets of Beirut and Tripoli.

The army is trying to contain an outburst of violence set off by the assassination of al-Hasan.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Makati Credit: APTN

Clashes in Northern Lebanon 'kill Syrian man'

Lebanese Army soldiers roam the streets of Tripoli, northern Lebanon Credit: Reuters

The Lebanese Army are on the streets of Tripoli this morning after overnight clashes killed one Syrian man, according to local reports. Eight people have now died in the city in sporadic violent outbursts prompted by the death of senior intelligence officer Wissam al-Hassan.

Al-Hassan was strongly opposed to the Syrian regime, and his supporters, many of them Sunni Muslims, blame Damascus for the killing.


'Three dead' in clashes in northern Lebanon

Lebanese Army soldiers and anti-riot police secure the area near the Prime Minister's residence in Tripoli. Credit: Reuters

A nine-year-old child is among those killed in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, in the clashes that followed the funeral of General Wissam al-Hassan, according to Lebanon's Daily Star.

Supporters of Syria's President Assad clashed with supporters of the uprisings against Assad in gun fights that lasted through Sunday evening into Monday morning. Meanwhile approximately 50 people have erected tents near the Prime Minister's resident in Tripoli, vowing to stay until he resigns.

'Deadly' gun fights continue in Lebanon

Supporters and opponents of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad exchanged fire in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli this morning, following a night of fighting. There are reports that one person was killed and ten have been wounded.

The northern Lebanese city of Tripoli Credit: APTN

The violence came amid rising tension between groups that support and oppose Assad and in the wake of the assassination last week of a top anti-Syrian intelligence official in Lebanon. Most of Lebanon's Sunnis have backed Syria's mainly Sunni rebels, while Lebanese Shiites tend to back Assad.

The Syrian president, like many who dominate his regime, is a member of the Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam. Lebanese Brigadier General Wissam al-Hassan, who was killed in a car bomb in an east Beirut neighbourhood on Friday, was a Sunni.

A Sunni gunman, an opponent of Syria President Assad Credit: APTN

A Sunni gunman told APTN they were determined to defend their area. He said:

"We are here to respond to gunfire. We have not retaliated yet. If they remain like this, they will receive an unexpected response. We will not allow anyone to cross to Jabal Mohsen."

Reports: Five wounded in Beirut shooting

Five people have been wounded by gunfire in southern Beirut, after a night of tension following the funeral of an intelligence official killed by a car bomb.

Local media said the army closed several roads around Tariq al-Jadida, a Sunni Muslim district near Shi'ite suburbs in the south of the city.

Residents said they hear heavy overnight gunfire around the area.


Clinton calls for stability in phone call with Lebanese PM

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has spoken to the Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikhail to condemn Friday's deadly car bombing.

She also offered US support in the investigation into the bombing, which some opposition politicians have blamed on Syria.

A spokeswoman for the US State Department said:

The secretary [Hillary Clinton] emphasised the United States' firm commitment to Lebanon's stability, independence, sovereignty and security.

She noted the importance of political leaders working together at this sensitive time to ensure that calm prevails and that those responsible for the attack are brought to justice.

– state department spokeswoman
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