Microsoft launches Windows 8

Microsoft is launching its Windows 8 operating system. The product is expected to be aimed at the growing tablet computer market.

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Windows 8: 'Incredibly important, not quite incredible'

People arrive at the launch event for Microsoft Windows 8 operating system in New York Credit: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Technology website Gizmodo has summed up Windows 8 as "incredibly innovative, incredibly important, not quite incredible."

In a review of the new operating system, Kyle Wagner said: "If you want, you'll be able to operate more or less as you have in Windows 7, with some minor changes, mostly for the better.

"That's what desktop mode is for. But the writing is on the wall. Nearly all of the features in need of upgrades that have been left largely untouched are associated with the non-Metro desktop and its structure."

Microsoft prepares to debut Windows 8 in Tokyo

Microsoft officially launches its new operating system Windows 8 today alongside its first tablet, called Surface.

Once the world's biggest technology company, Microsoft is looking to claw back market share lost to Apple, Amazon and Google.

People try out Microsoft's Windows 8 Credit: REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Today's launch being announced from New York but is worldwide, with a major launch in Tokyo, Japan.

People attend an event promoting the debut of Microsoft's Windows 8 Credit: REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told Reuters Television: "We've reimagined Windows and we've reimagined the whole PC industry,"

"In addition to notebooks and desktops, we introduce the PC as tablet.

"Work. Play. Tablet. PC. Boom! One product."

Women wearing cosplay outfits distribute paper bags promoting Windows 8 Credit: REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Microsoft has fallen behind in the last few years as Apple has taken the lead with the iPad. In 2010, Apple overtook Microsoft's revenues for the first time.

Analysts say it is crucial that Microsoft does well with this launch. Without success, it will leave it trailing behind its rivals.

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