PM 'fed' up' over Abu Qatada

David Cameron has expressed his frustration at terror suspect Abu Qatada, saying: "I'm fed up he's still at large in the country." Qatada has been released on bail after winning the latest round in his legal fight against deportation to Jordan.

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More details of Abu Qatada's bail conditions revealed

The BBC's Home Affairs Correspondent Dominic Casciani, has tweeted further details of Abu Qatada's bail conditions, which he said the corporation has just received.

  • He must report to a monitoring company when he first leaves and last returns to the property during his free eight hours.
  • He cannot have any travel ticket that will take him outside a geographic area around his house, set out in the conditions.
  • If he has a chance encounter with an old friend, he has to make his excuses and leave.

Cameron: 'I am completely fed up with Abu Qatada'

David Cameron has spoken of his frustration over the Abu Qatada situation during a news conference in Rome:

On Abu Qatada, I am completely fed up with the fact that this man is still at large in our country.

He has no right to be there, we believe he is a threat to our country.

We have moved heaven and earth to try to comply with every single dot and comma of every single convention to get him out of our country.

It is extremely frustrating and I share the British people's frustration with the situation we find ourselves in.


Qatada protesters brand bail decision a 'disgrace'

Protesters who attended a small demonstration at Abu Qatada's London house have hit out at the ruling allowing him to be released on bail from prison while he fights his deportation case.

Jackie Chaunt, 50, who works in the area as an admin assistant and jeered his homecoming, said she believed the terror suspect should either be "in prison or back in his own country".

I work down the road and I'm not happy that he's back. He shouldn't be here. He was supposed to be deported to Jordan. It's a disgrace.

– Jackie Chaunt

Another protester, who lives nearby, said the whole community was concerned.

Everyone is on tenterhooks, worrying about what will happen. I'm not happy because of what he's been linked to. We're all paying for this as taxpayers. It's ridiculous.

– Aaron Baker

Qatada jeered as he returned home from prison

Abu Qatada has returned home after winning the latest round in his fight against deportation to Jordan. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Abu Qatada was jeered by a handful of protesters as he returned home following his release on bail from prison.

A small group gathered near the radical cleric's London address.

They held a "Get rid of Abu Qatada" banner and shouted "Get him out!" as Qatada emerged from a black Volkswagen people carrier, which had driven him from the maximum security HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire.

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