Freed prisoners could get mentor

Offenders should be "met at the prison gate" by mentors who can help them escape a life of crime, the Justice Secretary will say today.

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Former prisoner hits out a privatised probation services

Former prisoners said they were not convinced of the benefits of the new "pay by results" scheme that will see private companies run probation and other services for former prisoners.

One former prisoner told ITV the pilot scheme he was part of was "too bureaucratic" and case workers had to spend too much time doing paper work, and had less time to spend mentoring. He said:

"The process that they have to go through is probably not going to get the results they expect"


Prisoner mentors 'to help stop reoffending rates'

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said the new mentor scheme for prisoners in England will support offenders to get their lives back together. He said:

"The bit that is missing at the moment, is the real focus on stopping people reoffending, we may organise a community penalty, we may put someone in jail, but actually, there is not nearly enough focus on making sure they don't reoffend after."

Ex-criminals could become mentors to freed prisoners

When someone leaves prison, I want them already to have a mentor in place to help them get their lives back together. I want them to be met at the prison gate, to have a place to live sorted out, to have rehab or training lined up, and above all someone who knows where they are, what they are doing, and can be a wise friend to prevent them from reoffending.

Often it will be the former offender gone straight who is best placed to steer the young prisoner back onto the straight and narrow - the former gang member best placed to prevent younger members from rushing straight back to rejoin the gang on the streets. There are some really good examples out there of organisations making good use of the old lags in stopping the new ones. We need more of that for the future.

– Justice Secretary Chris Grayling

Offenders could get mentor when they leave prison

Offenders should be "met at the prison gate" by mentors who can help them escape a life of crime, the Justice Secretary will say today.

Freed prisoners could get a mentor to help them back on track Credit: PA Wire

Chris Grayling will today set out plans for a major extension of mentoring provided by voluntary groups and private companies on a payment-by-results basis.

In a speech, he will decry the "tragedy" of prisoners leaving jail with no idea how to get their lives back on track.


Justice Secretary to outline plans to cut re-offending

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling will today outline plans to cut re-offending and get prisoners lives back on track.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling Credit: PA Wire

He will announce plans to open up rehabilitation services to private companies and charities who will be paid by results.

In a speech Mr Grayling will expand on David Cameron's pledge for tougher sentencing and more rehabilitation.

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