Jimmy Savile was 'untouchable'

A new ITV1 Exposure programme reveals fresh details about Jimmy Savile's relationships with the great and good and his access to hospitals.

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Jimmy Savile 'involved in every single element of society'

Criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas has told Daybreak that Jimmy Savile got involved in every single element of society.

He said: "He organised it in such a way that it always gave him access to children or the opportunity to offend."

Williams-Thomas however admitted that some of the charity work Savile did was geniune.

He said: "The problem was that you don't know where you draw that line in respect whether is was genuine or whether it was for an alternative motive."

Savile 'would walk in' when patients were having a bath

A former female patient at Stoke Mandeville Hospital told ITV's Exposure that Jimmy Savile would walk in while female patients were having a bath.

Former Top of the Pops presenter Jimmy Savile. Credit: Myung Jung Kim/PA Archive

She said: "He would come in when you'd be having a bath...he would just walk in."

Speaking anonymously, she added the star once tried to touch her breast - and when she reported him she spent months in solitary confinement.


Savile's former PA: 'Everybody was frightened of Jimmy'

Jimmy Savile's former personal assistant, Janet Cope, told ITV's Exposure that although she had never seen him abuse anyone, he was a controlling person.

Jimmy Savile. Credit: Peter Jordan/PA Wire

She added: "I knew how he operated so I was very wary of him and I felt there was an undercurrent, there was a bad side, which not many people saw."

At Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Ms Cope said Savile held a position of real authority, adding: "He controlled everything. He controlled me. Everybody was - I'm going to use the word frightened - of him."

Currie: Savile 'suggested himself' for Broadmoor role

Former Conservative MP Edwina Currie told ITV1 Exposure she was "fairly sure" that Sir Jimmy Savile suggested himself for the role at the high-security Broadmoor Hospital in the 1980s.

"He would have been seen as an extremely useful person and to have a high profile doing this is would have been so much the better", she said.

Ms Currie alleges that Savile claimed he had unearthed a series of problems at Broadmoor, and she believes he planned to use information to blackmail staff there.

"We gave him every instrument that he needed in Broadmoor to prey on some extremely damaged individuals", she added.

ITV1 Exposure Update: The Jimmy Savile Investigation will air tonight at 10.35pm.


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