Wet weekend for rain-soaked UK

Britain is bracing itself for more flooding this weekend as forecasters predict further heavy downpours. The Environment Agency says nearly 300 properties have already flooded across the UK since Tuesday.

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AA: Drivers should prepare for flash flooding

The AA says this week has been one of its busiest for flood-related call-outs and is warning drivers to take extra precautions.

With more heavy rain forecast across the Midlands, Wales and the South West, road conditions in the affected areas are likely to only get worse as the ground is so saturated. Even if you think you know your local roads, don't be complacent, as flash flooding continues to be a real risk and is catching people out.

– Darron Burness, the AA's Head of Special Operations

Flooding update: Parts of UK and Wales still affected

The Environment Agency has issued its latest flood warnings for the UK and Wales.

  • 51 flood warnings have been issued, which means flooding is expected and immediate action is required. Areas in the Midlands, Anglia, South West, South East and North West are currently affected.
  • 161 flood alerts have been issued and flooding is possible across most areas of the UK and Wales.
  • There are currently no severe flood warnings, but further flooding is expected this weekend.


  1. Lucy Verasamy: ITV Weather Forecaster

More windy, wet weather into the weekend

A deepening low pressure system will be sweeping across most of Britain this weekend bringing the potential for further disruption.

It will become extremely windy and wet, with up to two inches of rain falling on saturated ground - posing a further flood risk.

A Ford covers Landsend Lane in Charvil, Berkshire Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Tomorrow, most of southern England and Wales will become increasingly windy with gales and gusts of 60-70 mph possible along the coasts. Heavy, steady rain will be seeping in from the South.

Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland will be drier and brighter once early fog patches clear. Any scattered, blustery showers will be confined to north-west Scotland.

The windy, wet weather across the South will head into north-eastern Britain on Sunday.

Step-by-step guide on how to prepare for flooding

With further flooding expected across Britain this weekend, The Environment Agency has issued a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for flooding.

Here are some of the key points which can help you reduce the impact of flooding:

  • Prepare a flood kit with important documents such as passports and insurance certificates, blankets and warm clothing, first aid kit, radio, tinned food and bottled water.
  • Make a flood plan which will help you decide what practical actions there are to take before and during a flood.
  • Meet with members of the local community, communicate with neighbours and help to ensure everyone can access up-to-date flooding information.
  • Prepare your property for flooding and reduce water from short, shallow flooding through the use of sandbags.


North Wales Fire and Rescue urges people to call only 'if you believe lives are at risk'

North Wales Fire and Rescue has said it has received more than 250 calls related to flooding_ _and appealed for people to call only "if you believe lives are at risk and not just to properties being flooded when the householders are able to move upstairs or seek shelter with neighbours".

The weather and the devastation it has caused to homes, businesses and land has stoked up the famous spirit of British stoicism, as neighbours and friends rallied round to help those most in need.

  1. Rupert Evelyn - ITV News Correspondent

Residents: 'Chew Stoke Ford is extremely dangerous'

I understand that the family has been informed and the man is thought to be in his 70s. The family is being looked after by a family liaison officer from the police.

It's not the first time that this particular stream has flooded. The people in this village say that it has happened two or three times in recent years.

It is extremely dangerous. Other cars have got trapped here but very sadly last night an elderly man lost his life.

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