Neon making 'good progress'

The father of Neon Roberts, whose mother failed in a legal bid to stop him having radiotherapy for a brain tumour, said his son is making "good progress" after receiving radiotherapy treatment.

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Sally Roberts says she will continue to fight the courts

The mother of Neon Roberts has told Daybreak she will continue to fight the courts over her son's treatment.

Sally Roberts said: "I've been seeking other options and I should be able to fight some form of a battle."

Neon Roberts, who underwent radiotherapy, against his mother's wishes will undergo chemotherapy in early April to treat his brain tumour.

Neon 'dealing with' some of the radiotherapy side effects

Neon Roberts' father said his son can get tired, and does need time to rest, but generally "he is his usual happy and playful self".

Neon Roberts underwent radiotherapy against his mother's wishes, after a High Court ruled last year that he should undergo the treatment.

A statement from Mr Roberts' lawyer added:

The surgery itself took a lot out of Neon and he is still dealing with some of the side effects of that treatment.

Overall, Mr Roberts has not seen a marked change in Neon or side effects beyond what the doctors expected.

This is what he and his family always hoped for.

– Family lawyer statement


Neon's father: 'Optimistic about long-term prognosis'

A seven-year-old boy whose mother failed in a legal bid to stop him having radiotherapy for a brain tumour, is due to begin his chemotherapy treatment in early April, two days after his birthday.

Neon Roberts is said to be making "good progress" following a course of radiotherapy.

A statement released on his behalf by his lawyer said:

[Neon] is currently having a short break from treatment but will start his chemotherapy in early April, after his birthday, as planned.

Mr Roberts and his treating doctors are very pleased with how well Neon has reacted to the treatment and are cautiously optimistic about his long-term prognosis.

Of course it has not been easy for him but the doctors are clear that the reaction Neon is showing to the treatment is well within their expectations and it is likely that any side effect will be temporary.

Neon Roberts making 'good progress' after treatment

Seven-year-old Neon Roberts is making "good progress" following his treatment, his father has said.

Late last year, Neon's mother Sally, failed in a legal bid to stop her son having radiotherapy for a brain tumour.

Sally Roberts, mother of Neon Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The High Court ruled that Neon should undergo radiotherapy for the cancerous tumour against her wishes.

Neon's father Ben - who is separated from Ms Roberts - said his son had completed the course of radiotherapy as planned.


Sally Roberts: 'I've never doubted my decision'

Sally Roberts has said that she has never doubted what she is doing for Neon is the right thing to do, asked if she has ever doubted herself she said, "no, I haven't".

Speaking on ITV Daybreak she was asked if is extraordinary to have never doubted her fight to stop Neon's radiotherapy:

It's not extraordinary considering what I've dug up and the research and all the support that's coming through from so many people - more in support than not.

Your reaction to Sally Roberts

As Neon Roberts' mother Sally appears back on the Daybreak sofa you have been sending your reaction to her fight to stop her son receiving radiotherapy:

Neon's mum: Laws stop other treatments being investigated

Sally Roberts has blamed legislation for stopping her son Neon from receiving alternative therapy.

Speaking exclusively to Daybreak, Ms Roberts said that the 1939 Cancer Act means doctors are prevented from using anything but radiotherapy to treat him.

Sally Roberts said that she still wants Neon to have alternative therapy

Ms Roberts wants her son to have other treatments instead over fears the radiotherapy could harm him overall health even if it treats the cancer.

She said her fears stem from the radiotherapy "damaging the DNA, altering it. And him never recovering from that."

Ms Roberts said that the legislation prevents research in to other treatments which might help Neon.

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