Lanza had hundreds of bullets

The Connecticut elementary school gunman Adam Lanza was carrying four guns, including an assault-type weapon, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition - enough to kill just about every student in Sandy Hook.

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Report: Girl survived shooting ‘by playing dead’

Tributes to the Newtown victims are left in Sandy Hook village. Credit: Reuters / Lucas Jackson

A six-year-old girl survived the Newtown massacre by pretending she was dead, according to reports.

The girl, who has not been identified, is said to be the only survivor of her class.

The family’s pastor Reverend Jim Solomon told ABC News: “[She] ran out of the school building covered in blood from head to toe, and the first words she said to her mum when she got outside was: 'Mummy, I'm OK, but all of my friends are dead.”

Report: Gunman had not visited shooting ranges recently

Federal agents said Adam Lanza had fired guns at shooting ranges over the past few years but there was no evidence he did so recently in preparation for the massacre, the Associated Press reports.

A spokeswoman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said the gunman and his mother both fired at shooting ranges and had visited ranges together.

Debora Seifert told AP there was no indication "that the shooter engaged in shooting activities in the past six months."



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