Disability attitudes criticised

The Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC has called for more to be done about the number of hate crimes against those with disabilities.

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Expecting the Paralympics to change attitudes is 'naive'

Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive of Scope and Paralympian Dave Clarke, who captained the Blind Football team have spoken about the changes they have seen in attitudes after the Paralympic Games.

Dave Clarke said that the games are not responsible for changing attitudes, "I think it's very naive to expect the Paralympics to solve the ills of discrimination and abuse."

Richard Hawkes said that small changes have been seen recently in the attitudes towards those with disabilities, "disabled people are telling us and parents with young disabled children are telling us that they are seeing small things.

"They're seeing people starting to do things in a different way. It might be lots of very small things but people are reporting overwhelmingly that they think there was that opportunity to really bring about some fundamental change."

Survey shows discrimination continues despite Paralympics

The Paralympics were the games which were meant to change our views of people with disabilities. But 100 days since they ended, a new survey carried out by Scope shows that discrimination continues.

While Paralympians themselves continue to enjoy celebrity status, two thirds of people living with disabilities feel that the games have done nothing to improve how they are treated and spoken to.

  • 72% said that the Paralympics had a positive impact on attitudes towards the disabled in general
  • 53% said they still regularly experience discrimination
  • 67% said that the Paralympics have done nothing to improve the way they are spoken to

Paralympics made 'no difference to attitudes to the disabled'

One man with learning difficulties has said that he has repeatedly suffered abuse in the street due to his disability.

Roger Grange told ITV News Social Affairs Editor Penny Marshall that as well as name calling by both children and parents he has also been physically attacked.

The 60-year-old said that he did not believe that the Paralympics has had any impact on the way people spoke to him or treated him.

Roger was forced to move from his home after the abuse became physical.

Starmer attacks attitudes towards disability

The Director of Public Prosecution, Keir Starmer QC, has called for more to be done about the number of hate crimes against those with disabilities.

Mr Starmer told ITV News that the "mismatch" between the amount of abuse being reported in surveys and what the CPS can prosecute needed to be addressed.

Mr Starmer said; "Like everybody else I thought the Paralympics were fantastic, the sheer number of people that watched and appreciated what was going on was quite incredible.

"I hope that has enhanced our understanding of people with disabilities, my fear is that the surveys continue to show a high level of abuse. It is the surveys of ordinary people, day in day out, that are really important to this debate."

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