Malala released from hospital

Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousufzai, who was shot by the Taliban over her campaign for girls' education, has been discharged from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

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Malala released from hospital to live with family

The Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by the Taleban for campaigning for the education of girls has been allowed to leave hospital.

Malala Yousafzai received life-saving treatment in Birmingham but her doctors now say she will benefit from being around her family.

The 15-year-old activist was targetted by Taliban gunmen who shot her at point blank range on her journey home from school on 9 October 2012.

ITV News correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports from Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital:


Brown: 'Good news' Malala discharged from hospital

Gordon and Sarah Brown have tweeted their support for Malala Yousufzai as she is released from hospital:

Malala's family likely to remain in UK after father given consulate job

Malala is likely to secure permanent residence in the UK after her father was given a job with the Pakistani consulate in Birmingham yesterday.

Ziauddin Yousufzai has been appointed education attache for three years.

Both he and his daughter have had threats made against their lives by the Taliban, since the shooting.

A statement released by the Pakistani government said it was "pleased to appoint" Mr Yousufzai to head of education at the consulate.

The appointment is a direct result of Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari visiting Malala and her father in hospital.

Ziauddin Yousufzai pictured with Malala and his two sons Khushal Khan and Atal Khan Credit: Reuters

"The president had also directed high commissioner Mr Wajid Shamsul Hasan to look after all the needs of Malala, and discuss with Mr Yousufzai a mode for financial sustenance and accommodation of the family.

"In light of that, the present appointment has been made."

The Pakistani government has been paying for all the family's needs while they have been in the UK, while the United Arab Emirates funded the medical airlift which transported Malala to Britain for further treatment.


Hospital: Malala will benefit from being with her family

Malala is a strong young woman and has worked hard with the people caring for her to make excellent progress in her recovery.

Following discussions with Malala and her medical team, we decided that she would benefit from being at home with her parents and two brothers.

She will return to the hospital as an outpatient and our therapies team will continue to work with her at home to supervise her onward care.

– Dr Dave Rosser, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
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