Heavy snow forecast for Friday

A weather front moving across the UK from Thursday night is set to bring the biggest snowfall of the winter so far. The heaviest snowfall is expected on Friday.

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Heavy snow forecast across the UK on Friday

The cold snap will continue to grip the country today with many parts of the UK struggling to see temperatures rise above freezing.

Most places are looking like they will be dry today, with some sunny spells around. But fog and low cloud could linger in places like the East Midlands and East Anglia, with further outbreaks of sleet and snow across parts of western Scotland.

But it is going to be very cold today, with many places struggling to see temperatures rising above freezing.

Parts of Scotland, northern England, Wales, the Midlands and East Anglia will be looking at maximum temperatures of -1C or zero.

– Gemma Plumb, a forecaster with MeteoGroup

A weather front moving across the UK on Thursday night is set to bring the biggest snowfall of the winter.

At the moment we are looking at 5cm to 10cm (2in-4in) falling quite widely across the country on Friday, with more than that locally, especially across higher ground.

– Gemma Plumb, a forecaster with MeteoGroup


UK set to feel the freeze again ahead of a snowy weekend

A cold snap is expected to grip the country again today - a bitter prelude to a weather system that will leave the UK covered in up to four inches of snow by the weekend.

The mercury is set to plummet, with many parts of the country struggling to see temperatures rise above freezing.

A farm house surrounded by snow in Derbyshire Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Motorists will have to be wary as freezing fog that has formed overnight across the Midlands, East Anglia and central and southern England could make road conditions hazardous.

But while snowfall yesterday led to 42 schools being closed in Norfolk and all planes grounded at Norwich International Airport, overnight there was little more than a smattering of snow along the North Sea coast and down into Kent.

Frosty nights and snow showers to come

There are more frosty nights to come in the next few days, with snow showers out to the east coast and rain to the west this evening.

In towns and cities down the centre of the country, temperatures are set to fall overnight to -6C, but in the countryside they could even drop to as far as -10C.

Here's ITV Weather Presenter Alex Beresford with the latest forecast:


AA issues advice on flat batteries caused by cold

The AA has issued advice to motorists on how to stop their cars from getting flat batteries in the cold weather.

AA spokesman Darron Burness said:

The main problem is flat or failed batteries, as the car's electrical system has to work much harder in the cold.

When you get in your car, switch off all the electrics before starting it - for example, blowers, lights and heated windscreen - and dip the clutch while starting to take some of the load off the starter motor and, in turn, the battery.

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