Harry's scathing attack on media

Prince Harry has launched a scathing attack on the media, saying he should have been entitled to privacy in Las Vegas and declaring his treatment by some newspapers of his time in Afghanistan was unacceptable.

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Your view: Royal Family deserve greater level of privacy

Prince Harry said he deserved privacy from the media for his trip to Las Vegas and he thought that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were "forced" to announce the news of the royal baby.

We asked on our Facebook page whether the Royal Family were entitled to a greater level of privacy - here are the results:

  • 67 people said the Royals were entitled to more privacy.
  • 6 people said the Royals were not entitled to more privacy.



Harry attacks decision to publish nude Vegas photos

Prince Harry's deployment with 3 Regiment Army Air Corps, allowed him to step back from the public eye, but speaking to reporters while stationed at Camp Bastion he admitted he had "let himself and his family down" after photos were published of the 28-year-old naked in a Vegas hotel suite.

But he also attacked the press for the way the story was reported:

“Yes people might look at it, going, it was letting off steam, it’s all understandable now you’re going out to Afghanistan – well the papers knew that I was going out to Afghan anyway.

"The way I was treated by them, I don’t think it’s acceptable. But hey.”

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