PM defends gay marriage

David Cameron has defended his plan to legalise gay marriage saying 'I'm a great supporter of marriage'. MPs have backed the plan by 400 votes to 175 in the Commons yesterday.

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Lib Dem MP: Voting against bill was a 'difficult decision'

She said it was "one of the most difficult decisions" she has ever taken and that she was torn between her support for liberal gay rights and her commitment to Catholicism.

I believe that the link between family life and marriage is important. We know that permanent stable loving relationships between parents are very important for children.

Such relationships make it much easier to offer the kind of consistent loving parenting that enables children to grow into healthy happy adults able to play their part in society.

I recognise that this kind of stability can exist outside of marriage, but the act of giving and receiving vows in front of others and making a commitment for life is an aid to stability.

– sarah teather mp
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