Waitrose removes beef meatballs

Waitrose has removed two batches of frozen beef meatballs from shelves after traces of pork were found after several tests.

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  1. Chris Ship

Concerning horsemeat test results to be revealed early

Tests revealing concerns similar to the Findus lasagne case will be quickly published. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

The results of the tests ordered in light of the horsemeat scandal are unlikely to be known until the end of the week.

Those results will come from food processors and supermarkets, many of which met with the Food Standards Agency again today.

The FSA says it will assess the results as they come in and if any are found to be a cause for concern, like the results from the Findus lasagne, they may consider publishing them earlier.

In the meantime, 28 local authorities have been selected to carry out meat tests of their own. They will be used as a sampling exercise in order to shed light on the problem nationwide.

The results of those tests, however, will not be known until April.

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