120,000 join the donor register

120,000 people have signed up to the Organ Donor Register this week. ITV's From the Heart campaign has taken place during the week of Valentine's Day to raise awareness of organ donation.

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Keeping transplant patients alive until a donor can be found

Every day in the UK three people die waiting for an organ transplant.

Each day this week on ITV News in our series From the Heart we have been highlighting how many lives could be saved if the desperate shortage of organ donors across Britain was ended.

ITV News Medical Editor Lawrence McGinty is at Papworth Hospital and has been speaking to transplant surgeons about a device which helps keep transplant patients alive until they receive a donor organ:


Alexandra Burke tells of mother's wait for kidney donor

As part of the ITV1 special 'From the Heart' X Factor winner Alexandra Burke described how her family kept her mother's illness from her during the 2008 final of the X Factor.

Alexandra's mother Melissa needs a kidney transplant, and spends 8 hours a day on a dialysis machine, as she waits for one.

The severe shortage of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic organ donors mean that donors from these communities have to wait three times longer to get the transplant they need.


NHS organ donor website 'overwhelmed'

The NHS website where people can register to be organ donors is experiencing difficulties due to an "overwhelming demand" from people watching the ITV 'From the Heart' Tonight special.

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