Budget day strike action

Civil servants will stage a 24-hour strike on Budget day today, in a row over pay, pensions and working conditions.

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Workers target Westminster with Budget day protest

Government workers who are members of the PCS Union targeted Westminster with their protest as the Chancellor arrived to make his Budget speech.

Government employees who are members of Public and Commercial Services Union Credit: PA Wire
Picket outside the Place of Westminster Credit: PA Wire
Picket outside the Customs and Revenue building Credit: PA Wire


Union claims court delays amid strike action

The PCS union claims some court proceeding are being delayed today by strike action.

Pickets are also on duty outside Government offices and other departments, including the Office for National Statistics in London where the latest unemployment figures have been published.

PCS members handed out leaflets which say the dispute is the most serious ever faced by the union.

Unite: Anger is growing at 'negative dead end' policies

The unions has accused ministers of refusing to negotiate over its economic and social policies.

Unite General secretary Len McCluskey said:

Our members at HCA are showing solidarity with their HCA colleagues in PCS against the savage attack by the coalition on public services and those dedicated staff that deliver them.

The anger is growing at the negative dead end economic and social policies of this right-wing government - from the easy ride that the City elite receives from George Osborne to the gross unfairness of the hated bedroom tax which will hit 650,000 people.

Francis Maude: Strike is 'futile and counter-productive'

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has called the PCS' decision to strike "futile, counter-productive and irresponsible."

He added that the decision to strike benefits no one, but "threatens the services people rely on."

Francis Maude: "The PCS leadership can't even convince large swathes of its own membership of the benefits of walkouts" Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

He said: "I can reassure the public that the Government has done everything we can to minimise disruption [today]. Rigorous contingency planning is in place to try and limit the impact of the strike action and to ensure that affected public services operate as effectively as possible."


PCS: It is the start of a 'rolling programme of walkouts'

A rally will be held in Westminster while the Budget is being delivered by Chancellor George Osborne today.

Union members are protesting as part of a long-running dispute with the Government over pay and pensions, with thousands of public sector workers staging a 24-hour strike today.

This is not a one-day protest, this is the start of a rolling programme of walkouts and disruptive action to put pressure on a government that is refusing to talk to us.

We warned more than two years ago that austerity wouldn't work and we were right. There is an alternative to cutting the living standards of hard-working public servants and our campaign is designed to make the case loud and clear.

Civil and public servants are working harder than ever to provide the services we all rely on but, instead of rewarding them, the Government is imposing cuts to their pay, raiding their pensions and trying to rip up their basic working conditions.

– Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary

Civil servants to stage 24-hour strike on Budget day

Civil servants will stage a 24-hour strike on Budget day today, in a row over pay, pensions and working conditions.

It is thought up to 250,000 members of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) will join the walkout, which will hit job centres, border control at airports, tax offices and courts.

Demonstrators against the Government's controversial public sector pension reforms in March 2012

A half day of action has also been called on April 5th, as part of a three month long campaign of action.

Picket lines will be placed outside government offices, museums, galleries and the Houses of Parliament.

Civil servants plan second walkout in pay row

Civil servants have planned a second walkout in a row over pay, following their Budget day strike.

Almost 250,000 members who work in government departments and its related bodies will hold a half-day walkout on April 5, the Public and Commercial Services union said.

A 24-hour stoppage has been called by the union on Wednesday after accusing the Government of refusing to negotiate over cuts.

A three-month programme of industrial action is also being planned, along with a fresh campaign against tax avoidance and evasion.

Public sector strike threat 'extremely frustrating'

At a time when the private sector is working extremely hard to get the economy back into growth, it is extremely frustrating to see public sector unions going out on strike.

Civil servants already enjoy better pay and pensions than the wider workforce, but Mark Serwotka thinks they should take no share of the pain involved in sorting out the public finances.

It sends an awful message to investors around the world for the PCS to strike on Budget Day in an attempt to prevent the essential work of reducing the deficit.

– Alexander Ehmann, Institute of Directors
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