Camilla comments in Saudi change

The Duchess of Cornwall said she had noticed a "sea of change" in Saudi Arabia as she toured a women's craft academy.

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Lord of the Dance: Prince Charles takes part in sword jig

Prince Charles took part in a traditional sword dance on a visit to the ancient fort of Nizwa in Oman.

The Duchess of Cornwall looked on as Charles was handed a double-bladed sword and shield, and the music started up.

The Prince of Wales dances along with a traditional Omani performing group Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

The Prince began to shuffle and wave the sword, mimicking the dancers who were performing sword tossing and mock fighting around him.

As the royal couple toured the stronghold they were greeted by children waving Union flags and met people who were making mats and baskets.

Prince Charles is given a traditional sword and shield Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

The visit is part of their nine-day tour of the Middle East.

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Prince Charles apparently ready for battle Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Camilla tastes chocolate in women's Saudi academy

Duchess of Cornwall meets women who are learning cooking skills at the Bab Rizq Jameel Nafisa Shams Academy Credit: PA Wire
The Duchess finished her tour in the exhibition space, where products made by the women are displayed and sold Credit: PA Wire
Sampling some of the cakes the women had made, Camilla said they were delicious and asked: "Can I take this and eat it later?" Credit: PA Wire


Camilla: Women Saudi MPs 'blazing such a trail'

Camilla was joined by the Prince of Wales as they were given a tour of the gold encrusted parliament building in Riyadh. Hanan Al Ahmadi, one of the female members, told the Duchess her visit was an endorsement of what they were doing.

We have been waiting for this for a very long time. It is an emotional and very proud moment for us and carries a great deal of responsibility.

You coming here to meet us is an endorsement of what is happening here.

– Hanan Al Ahmadi

Camilla then replied:

I am so impressed. You are all so clever and well-educated and are blazing such a trail.


Camilla meets Saudi Arabia's female politicians

Inside Saudi Arabia's Majlis as-Shura, or Shura Council Credit: ITV News/Georgina Brewer

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are visiting the Saudi Arabia's Shura Council as part of their nine-day tour of the Middle East.

The Duchess has been meeting some of the first female members of the body which advises the government on new legislation.

In January, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah appointed women to a fifth of the 150 seats in the Council for the first time.

Prince Charles and Camilla will also pay visits to a women's university and a business event today.

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