Cameron's aspiration nation

David Cameron is trying to reassure Tory activists by promising to foster aspiration. The Prime Minister addressed the party's spring forum after a turbulent fortnight following the disastrous Eastleigh by-election.

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Labour: PM's aspiration nation for 'friends at the top'

Labour vice-chair Michael Dugher has hit out at the Prime Minister, after David Cameron insisted he was engaged in fighting for an "aspiration nation" at the party's spring conference today.

Mr Dugher said:

When the Tories talk about aspiration, they mean looking after their friends at the top, whilst people on low and middle incomes can go whistle.

Cameron gives speeches claiming he's helping people, but he's actually delivering a tax cut for millionaires whilst asking millions of working people to pay more.

We need a change of direction with a One Nation Labour Government to build a country where everyone has a stake and prosperity is fairly shared. Fat chance of that with David Cameron.

– Michael Dugher, Labour Vice Chair

Cameron 'on the ball' over school sport funding

Braving rain and an extremely muddy pitch, the Prime Minister - who said he used to play the position of hooker - passed a rugby ball around with children who were having a taster session at Millwall Rugby Club in east London.

Cameron announced that school sport is to get a £150 million a year cash injection Credit: PA Wire
A primary school with 250 pupils would receive £9,250 per year Credit: PA Wire
Cameron said: "We've got a crisis of childhood obesity at the moment so we want to see that cut." Credit: PA Wire


Cameron to unveil new funding for school sports

School sport is to get a £150 million a year cash injection to help bolster coaching for pupils in England, Prime Minister David Cameron will announce today.

A primary school with 250 pupils would receive £9,250 per year - this is around two days a week of a primary teacher or a coach's time, according to Mr Cameron.

There will be a lump sum for each school with a per-pupil top-up, he will say.

Schoolchildren taking part in a rugby lesson Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Archive/Press Association Images

It is part of a strategy, announced on the back of the successful London 2012 Games, geared towards improving sport provision in state primary schools in England.

Mr Cameron is seeking to "ensure the Games count for the future too and that means capitalising on the inspiration young people took from what they saw during those summer months".

Cameron seeks to reassure Tory activists with speech

David Cameron will attempt to reassure party activists at the Conservative's spring conference by promising to foster "aspiration" and give school sport a £150 million cash boost.

The Prime Minister's speech follows a turbulent few weeks since the devastating Eastleigh by-election, in which the Tories were beaten into third place by UKIP.

David Cameron will address the Conservative Party spring conference later today. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Mr Cameron will tell activists his approach chimes with the Conservative values of figures such as Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill.

"The global race is not just about GDP," he is set to say. "It's about saying to the mum who's worried about her children's future, we are building a country where there is a future, so your kids won't have to get on a plane to get on in life, they can make it right here in Britain".

"It's what this party's always been about - aspiration", Cameron will add.

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