Berezovsky died from hanging

A post-mortem into the death of the Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has found he was hanged. A pathologist found nothing to indicate a violent struggle, a spokesman for Thames Valley Police said.

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Berezovsky death: Nothing to suggest violent struggle

A post-mortem examination was carried out earlier today on 67-year-old Russian national Boris Berezovsky, who was found dead at a residential property in Mill Lane, Ascot, on Saturday.

The results of the post-mortem examination, carried out by a Home Office pathologist, have found the cause of death is consistent with hanging. The pathologist has found nothing to indicate a violent struggle.

Further tests will now be carried out, including toxicology and histology examinations, the results of which are likely to take several weeks.

A forensic examination of the property in Ascot, which is being carried out by Scenes of Crime Officers, will continue for several days and a cordon will remain in place until these have been completed.

– Thames Valley Police


  1. Juliet Bremner - ITV News Correspondent

Friends of Russian tycoon believe he took his own life

Thames Valley Police, who are investigating the death of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, have said they have no evidence of any third party involvement, which suggests they probably think he took his own life.

Yet they say they still want to talk to close friends and they are accutely aware of all the suspicions that have been thrown up as a result of this untimely death.

But it has to be said most friends do seem to think he probably took his own life. They talk about him being a broken man.

There was one quote which said the Russians didn't need to kill him because six months ago he was devastated by the British courts - a reference to his legal defeat to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

It cost him £70 million. And, perhaps more importantly for a proud man, it shredded his reputation.

Boris Berezovsky's body removed from home

Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky was found dead at the property in Berkshire on Saturday. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The body of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has been removed from the mansion where he died ahead of a Home Office post-mortem.

Mr Berezovsky's body was removed from his home in Ascot, Berkshire, overnight, Thames Valley Police said.

Police are continuing their investigation into the 67 year old's unexplained death.


Berezovksy 'suicide not likely' says Litvinenko's wife

Marina Litvinenko Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The wife of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has said that Boris Berezovsky had "many enemies" and that it was "not likely" he that he had committed suicide.

Marina Litvinenko, a friend of Mr Berezovsky, told The Daily Telegraph: "From my point of view it is not likely that he committed suicide,"

"He had a lot of enemies. He was an outspoken person and never tried to hide what he thought.

"When I talked to him last he was a little recovered and I believed he would be better. He started to take interest and to ask about my son."

Police release account following Berezovsky death

Thames Valley Police is continuing to investigate the unexplained death of 67-year-old Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky.

Thames Valley Police have released a detailed account of the events after Mr Berezovsky was found dead at 3.23pm on Saturday in Ascot, Berkshire.

Crime Officers are currently inside the property carrying out a full forensic examination of the scene.

  • An employee of Mr Berezovsky gave an account that he called the ambulance service on Saturday after being concerned for Mr Berezovsky's welfare.
  • The employee had not seen him since around 10:30pm on Friday night.
  • On Saturday, the employee forced open his bathroom door, which was locked from the inside, and discovered the body of Mr Berezovsky on the floor.
  • A paramedic declared him dead at the scene.
  • The employee was the only other person in the house when the body was discovered.
  • While the paramedic was on scene members of Mr Berezovsky’s family arrived at the property.
  • Chemical specialists confirmed that the scene was safe and clear to work in after the paramedic's health and safety device, the personal electronic dosimeter (PED), was triggered as they left the property.
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