Post Office cuts strike

Post Office workers around the UK are striking today in a row over jobs, pay and closures.

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Post Office issue statement on today's strikes

In response to today's strikes at more than 300 crown Post Offices nationwide, the Post Office issued the following statement:

"Crown branches are currently losing £40 million per year and this is being subsidised by public money.

This cannot continue. We are committed to the Post Office remaining a key part of UK high streets and our plans ensure this will happen."

As well as opposing branch closures, the CWU are also demanding an end to pay-freezes for its members.

And stress that unless an offer is forthcoming, more industrial action could be on the cards."

– Post Office spokesperson

Union: We won't let Post Offices close without a fight

Communication Workers Union (CWU) national official Andy Furey said: "Our members have sent a strong message to Post Office management today by solidly supporting strike action against closures, job losses, and pay.

"We hope the Post Office listens to the concerns of their staff. They can avoid further disruption by agreeing to negotiations to resolve this dispute.

"It's ironic that the Post Office has been trying to say offices remained open today when by their own plans they want to lose 76 Crown offices. That's 20% of the network and would hit communities badly.

"We won't let these go without a fight and ask again for the Post Office to meet us to resolve this. We're confident there is a way forward but this has to be by negotiation."

Post Office workers strike over pay and closures

Five-year-old Josiah Barnes protests with Post Office workers outside Holloway Post Office in London. Credit: PA

Post Office workers have gone on strike today in a row over jobs, pay and closures - saying they received strong support from the public over their action.

Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) in around 370 so-called Crown offices took industrial action in protest at plans to close or franchise 70 branches.

The union said the walkout was "solidly" supported by thousands of its members, with picket lines set up outside post offices across the country.

The Post Office said scores of branches were open despite the strike.


Union: Post office plans put hundreds of jobs at risk

Strikes are scheduled at post offices around the UK . Credit: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) claims that plans to close or franchise 70 of the UK’s biggest post offices - known as the Crown network - will affect hundreds of jobs.

Dave Ward, the CWU's deputy general secretary, said, "Our Post Office members are standing up against destructive plans which would slash 20% of the Crown network and are simply asking for fair treatment and job security.

"The Post Office's plans are short-sighted and would rob the network of the most productive offices while simultaneously putting hundreds of jobs at risk and potentially damaging local economies.

“We'd like to see a better vision for a successful network which maintains services in the heart of communities alongside quality jobs.

"We're confident this could be achieved if Post Office management would agree to negotiations".

Post office staff to strike over franchise plan

Unions say staff have not received a pay rise for two years. Credit: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Post office workers around the UK will strike on Easter Saturday in a row over jobs, pay and closures.

Staff at around 370 Crown offices – the country’s biggest post offices – will show their dissatisfaction with plans to close or franchise 70 sites.

Picket lines will be mounted outside the post offices, while customers will be urged to back the union's campaign.

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