40 years of mobile phones

It is 40 years since the first experimental mobile phone call was made on April 3 1973 by Motorola employee Martin Cooper.

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Sound of stunned silence in first ever mobile phone call

The man who made the first mobile phone call exactly 40 years ago says all he could hear was the sound of stunned silence, because the person on the other end couldn't believe it. Martin Cooper called rival company AT&T who were still focused on making phones that only worked in cars.

In 1973 the battery life was only 20 minutes, but that didn't matter because the phone was so heavy. Martin Cooper spoke to Geraint Vincent via a newer telecommunications device - Skype:

Viewers' memories of their first mobile phone call

It was 1997 and a friend of a friend at Uni let me ring home with my degree result as the queue for the single payphone in Halls of Residence was long! Later that year I got my own mobile once earning money

– Alison Looker

My first mobile call was to a mates landline while sitting there, then hanging up when his mum answered.

– Peter Sortwell

First phone was a blur so I would say it was a Brick 3455.

– James Reardon


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