Thatcher: UK's divisive leader

Margaret Thatcher was prime minister for 11 years, and she was as decisive with her policies as she was divisive with her people.

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Janet Street Porter: Thatcher was a 'traitor to her sex'

Broadcaster and columnist Janet Street Porter has said Margaret Thatcher was a traitor to women and claimed that she was also a 'terrible mother'.

Speaking to ITV News business editor, Laura Kuenssberg, the journalist said Baroness Thatcher only ever gave one woman a job while she was in a position of power.

She said the 'invincible' aura that followed the former Tory Prime Minster was 'a lie' because Mrs Thatcher had support network that she could turn to.

'Ding-Dong' single tops Amazon download chart

Wizard of Oz song 'Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead' has topped the Amazon download charts after a campaign to get people to download it after the death of Margaret Thatcher.

'Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead' is now at the number 4 spot as well as number one on the Amazon download charts. Credit: Amazon UK

There is a second version by Ella Fitzgerald at the number four spot. On a chart which tracks which singles have seen the biggest sales increase different versions of the song occupy the top four spots.

The track has also been climbing the Apple iTunes chart and is currently at number 7 in the UK.


Thatcher's big funeral 'disrespectful'

Andrew Jordan, president of the Socialist Labour party said Baroness Thatcher's legacy is the destructive impact her economic policies have had on the economy, particularly across the north of England.

He said the "semi-state" funeral she is going to receive is "disrespectful to many of the people across the different communities that suffered as a result of the Thatcherite policies."

The leader of the Socialist Labour party is Arthur Scargill.

Galloway attacks Parliamentary tributes to Thatcher

George Galloway said he will not be taking part in Parliamentary tributes to Baroness Thatcher on Wednesday.

The Respect MP sparked anger by tweeting controversial comments about the former Prime Minister.

Asked if he would be attending, he said:

I understand it is not a debate, so no. If it were a debate about the legacy of Margaret Thatcher I would be first in the queue for prayers. It is a state-organised eulogy.


Billy Elliot audience votes on Thatcher death song

Audience members watching a production of Billy Elliot were asked to decide on whether a song anticipating Margaret Thatcher's death should be performed hours after she died.

The musical, which is set during the miners' strike, features the song Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher, with lyrics that refer to celebrating the death of the former prime minister.

Following the announcement of her death, the show's organisers tweeted to say the show would go ahead, no decision was made on the song until just before the performance began at 7.30pm.

A near unanimous verdict saw only three people vote against the performance of the song.

Thatcher the conviction politician who changed Britain

More than 30 years ago Margaret Thatcher stepped into 10 Downing Street as the Prime Minister for the first time - the only woman to do so.

Today the long chapter marked 'Thatcher' in the political history of Britain closed with her death at the age of 87.

Her place in that history was recognised by the warmth of some tributes and also by the vitriol of others.

ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby reports on the life of a conviction politician who changed the way Britain worked.

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