Margaret Thatcher's legacy

Margaret Thatcher transformed politics as the Britain's first female prime minister and her legacy will be debated for years to come.

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Boris Johnson backs campaign for Thatcher statue

Boris Johnson supports calls for a central London tribute to Baroness Thatcher. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images

London Mayor Boris Johnson has supported calls for a Margaret Thatcher statue to be erected in central London, according to The Telegraph.

A spokesman for the GLA said: “The Mayor believes Baroness Thatcher deserves a prominent statue in a central London location and his team will assist with exploring suitable options.”

The idea has been put forward by former servicemen and has been echoed by Lord Tebbit and UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Was Thatcher a 'traitor to women' or feminist icon?

Perhaps she always will divide opinion, but certainly the debate about what Lady Thatcher did for feminism has gathered pace.

On last night's ITV News at Ten her close political ally Lord Tebbit put it like this: "She did more for feminism than any feminist ever has done."

Plenty of women have not agreed with that.

So ITV News Business Editor, Laura Kuenssberg, to found out more from women whose lives she changed for better, or worse:

Murdoch: 'Brave' Thatcher made Britain 'successful'

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch claimed Britain is "far more successful" because of Baroness Thatcher's "brave leadership".

Mr Murdoch praised the former Prime Minister's role in facing down the trade unions in the 1980s and said the Government made it possible for News International to survive a year of industrial action fighting against a move of operations to Wapping, East London.

Rupert Murdoch. Credit: Lionel Hahn/ABACA USA

The tycoon wrote in The Times (£): "Mrs Thatcher understood that risk was a vital ingredient in a free enterprise society. She understood that such a society had to be led by a government with backbone.

"After the Second World War, in which the country lost a second generation of its finest men, Britain had created a dependency state. It killed off aspiration.

"In 1979 Margaret Thatcher set about its rehabilitation. She put the economy on a sound footing, she ended a culture of crippling strikes, she encouraged entrepreneurs to come here and set up their businesses.

"Thanks to her I have experienced in Britain many of my defining moments as a businessman, a Britain that is far more successful as a result of her brave leadership."


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