Baby P death: Man back in jail

A man jailed over the death of Baby P, 17-month-old Peter Connelly, has been sent back to prison after reports that he breached the conditions of his parole. Jason Owen was jailed for six years but was released halfway through his sentence in 2011.

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Background to the Baby P case

Peter Connelly, known as Baby P, died in August 2007 after suffering a series of injuries during months of abuse.

His mother Tracey Connelly, her boyfriend Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen were all jailed for causing or allowing the death of Peter.

Peter Connelly died in 2007

The 17-month-old boy suffered more than 50 injuries and had been visited by authorities 60 times in the eight months before his death.

In May 2009 Tracey Connelly was jailed indefinitely, Barker was given a minimum of 12-years.

Owen was jailed for 6 years but was released in 2011, halfway through his term.

Man jailed over Baby P death returned to prison

It has been reported that one of the three people jailed over the death of Baby Peter Connelly has been returned to prison.

Jason Owen was released in 2011 halfway through his six year jail term.

Jason Owen has been returned to prison Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: "Public protection is our priority. Offenders released on licence are subject to a strict set of conditions and controls. If they fail to comply with their licence conditions, they are liable to be returned to custody.”


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