Britain reflects on Thatcher

People across the country have been paying tributes and protesting following the funeral of Margaret Thatcher.

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Anti-Thatcher 'party packs' sell out in Liverpool

In Liverpool, the city council made the decision not to show the funeral on the big screen in the town centre in Clayton Square.

We considered the potential issues and the decision was made not to screen the funeral.

– Liverpool City Council spokesperson

News from Nowhere, a radical and community bookshop in Liverpool, has sold party packs to celebrate Thatcher's funeral.

The packs contained black balloons and party poppers with the politician's face on bearing the logo: "Still Hate Thatcher".

We only had about four or five boxes but we sold out in two days. We thought we would get them because there is such a lot of anti-Thatcher sentiment in the city. The people here just don't identify with the reverence that's going on because she did divide a lot of communities and we are just kind of showing the other side of that.

– Julie Callaghan, News from Nowhere

Ms Callaghan added that T-shirts and mugs bearing the slogan "I wanted to go to Margaret Thatcher's state funeral years ago" had been selling well "even before she died".


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