Mourners bid Thatcher farewell

Final respects have been paid to Baroness Thatcher as the former prime minister was carried with full military honours to St Paul's Cathedral for her funeral.

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Hundreds attend Thatcher memorial on Falkland Islands

Falkland Islanders watched Margaret Thatcher's funeral today on a four-hour delay.

On the islands she liberated in 1982, Thatcher has near-unanimous adoration.

A church in the tiny town of Stanley was attended by hundreds for a special memorial service held in honour of their heroin.

Margaret Thatcher's portrait is seen at a service in Stanley. Credit: ITV News
A church in Stanley hosted its own Margaret Thatcher memorial service. Credit: ITV News
Decorated military men attend the service. Credit: ITV News

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Ken Clarke: 'All of us were rather sad' during funeral

Speaking outside Westminster after the event, Conservative Cabinet minister Ken Clarke told ITV News that he thought debate around the cost and status of Margaret Thatcher's funeral was "quite silly" and "clichéd" .

"I thought it was a nice funeral and I think she deserved that kind of send-off."

Asked about the Chancellor's tearful reaction to an anecdote about Baroness Thatcher, Clarke replied: "I think all of us were rather sad. Politics wasn't quite the same once she retired."

And he said he believed the debate around Thatcher's legacy would become more "sensible" as time passed following the funeral.

"I've heard people of the hard right and the hard left producing the most extraordinary version of events which I remember - the most ridiculous myths about what Margaret did," he said of recent commentary.

Thatcher's St Paul's funeral passes peacefully

The Queen, along with the Thatcher family, today led a congregation which included those who loved Margaret Thatcher and those who had had their deepest differences with her.

From Parliament to St Paul's, thousands gathered respectfully along the route. Among them were some who still vehemently dislike the Iron Lady. But there was little trouble.

Political Editor Tom Bradby reports:


Ex-Canada PM recalls Thatcher singing Vera Lynn classic

Baroness Thatcher sang an impromptu version of The White Cliffs of Dover after being ousted from power, her friend the former prime minister of Canada Brian Mulroney said today.

Speaking after attending Lady Thatcher's funeral at St Paul's Cathedral today, Mr Mulroney described the poignant memory of seeing her sing "one of the greatest war songs" very soon after being deposed by Conservative Party colleagues.

He paid tribute to his "kind" friend, but recalled:

She could be imperious. I remember having to look at her and say, 'Margaret, I'm not a member of your cabinet - I am the leader of a sovereign nation.'

Mr Mulroney described her funeral as "simple and beautiful and it was a great honour to be there". He also hit out at her detractors for the manner in which they expressed themselves saying:

Am I surprised some people act the way they do in a completely uncivilised manner? That is unfortunately part of our societies.

She should have been allowed the privilege of going to her grave in peace. She made a singular contribution to the UK and the world.

Margaret Thatcher was 'the best boss I ever had'

Former chief policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher, John Redwood, described her as "the best boss I ever had".

"We had to work very long hours to keep up with her," he said.

Fighting back tears he said:

The most moving moment inside the cathedral was when they opened up the great doors and we could hear the noise outside.

It was exactly the kind of tribute you would hope for - we are grieving a loss but also commemorating a life well-led, an extraordinarily active life.

Asked about protests, he simply said: "It is a free country."

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