UK astronaut set for 2015 launch

Major Tim Peake has been confirmed as the first official British astronaut to live and work in space. The 41-year-old will fly to the International Space Station in November 2015.

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UK astronaut will continue Chris Hadfield's 'great work'

The UK's first official astronaut Major Tim Peake told ITV News he wanted to continue Commander Chris Hadfield's "great work" of tweeting pictures from space but would not "inflict" his singing voice on the world.

Cdr Hadfield, from Canada, performed a cover of David Bowie's song Space Oddity while he was onboard the International Space Station.

Maj Peake said he was "delighted" with his mission to space and added that his family were "thrilled" for him.

UK astronaut Tim Peake gives Prince Harry space tips

The UK's first official astronaut and former Apache helicopter pilot Major Tim Peake has given Prince Harry tips on going into space.

Maj Peake said that Harry, who is an Apache pilot, would make "a fantastic astronaut" but added that going into space had to "stem from a passion and desire to want to do it."


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'It's always been my dream to go into space'

Fred spoke to Major Tim Peake in 2010 Credit: ITV news

In 2010, ITV News Meridian's Fred Dinenage went to meet Major Tim Peake after he completed the first phrase of his training to go into space.

"It was absolutely a dream. For me as a test pilot, to become an astronaut is the absolute pinacle of that career" he told Fred.

"The view of the earth. Everyone says that is the most incredible thing to see".

"Learning Russian has been the toughest thing I have had to do. Your up there by yourself. There is no doctor, no engineer so you need to learn all of these skills".

No ground control to Major Tim as astronaut shuns song

Britain's first official astronaut Major Tim Peake said he would not follow Commander Chris Hadfield's example of releasing a music video from space.

Cdr Hadfield, from Canada,gained a legion of fans on the Soyuz space capsule mission to and from the ISS, by performing a cover of the David Bowie classic, Space Oddity.

In a jokey reference to David Bowie fan, Cdr Hadfield, Maj Peake said: "I do play the guitar, but very badly, and I wouldn't inflict my singing on anybody."

British astronaut: Space journey 'a real privilege'

Britain's first official astronaut Major Tim Peake said going to space would be "a real privilege" and to be assigned to that mission felt like a "real high point" in his aviation career.

It really is a true privilege to be assigned to a long duration mission, it feels like a real high point in a long career in aviation.

I am really grateful to my family, friends and professional colleagues who are supporting me as I prepare for the challenge that lies ahead.

The mission to the International Space Station is going to be a wonderful opportunity, not just for Europe and European science but the UK as well.

– Major Tim Peake
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