Cameron urges EU over tax rules

David Cameron will seek full EU backing for global action to counter tax evasion. The Prime Minister will be speaking at an EU summit after problems within the Conservative party over an EU referendum.

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Cameron welcomes EU tax evasion crackdown

Prime Minister David Cameron said an EU deal to move towards full cross-border disclosure of tax information will give momentum to a G8 summit he will host next month in Northern Ireland on the same subject.

Talks in Brussels today claim to have removed obstruction by Luxembourg and Austria.

Both countries had previously prided themselves on their banking secrecy.

He said: "Tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance are at the heart of the G8 summit, and there is real momentum behind this issue."

"We have a real opportunity to make this summer a turning point in breaking down the walls of corporate secrecy and get information on who really owns and controls companies."

Cameron: EU must 'share tax information'

EU leaders meeting in Brussels have discussed plans to fight tax fraud and close loopholes used by large corporations to minimise tax payments.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the EU has to be sure "that companies pay taxes and that means international collaboration, sharing of tax information."

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has denied Ireland is cutting special tax deals with multi-national companies, including Apple.

He said: "Ireland has been one of the frontrunners, and will be, in regard to building a new international consensus."


Taoiseach rejects criticism of Irish tax system

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has rejected criticism of the Irish tax system after a US Senate committee claimed Apple used the country in a bid to avoid paying billions of dollars in earnings.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Credit: Niall Carson/PA Wire

On arrival at the European Union summit, he said: "I'd like to repeat that Ireland's corporation tax rate is statute-based, is very clear, very transparent - we do not do special deals with individual companies in relation to that rate."

The Taoiseach said Ireland was one of the first countries to agree a scheme on sharing of tax information with the US.

"Multinationals, in their aggressive tax planning, operate in many jurisdictions. For that reason, Ireland has been very much to the forefront in having and building more international consensus as far as transparency in tax regimes is concerned," he added.

Cameron: UK can renegotiate terms of EU membership

David Cameron said he believed the terms of UK's membership of the European Union would be successfully renegotiated, during an interview with BBC Radio 4.

David Cameron. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The Prime Minister said his policy on Europe was the "boldest", "clearest" and "most straightforward" a leader has had for 30 years.

Mr Cameron added: "I don't accept the narrative that says the only way Britain can succeed is to pull up the drawbridge."


Cameron to urge unity over EU tax rules

Two days ago the Prime Minister wrote to UK overseas territories and crown dependencies telling them he expects them to take action on tax transparency.

As well as moves towards establishing a new global standard for "multilateral automatic information exchange", Mr Cameron wants the EU and G8 meetings to extend country-by-country reporting by companies on where they pay tax.

Cameron urges unity over EU tax rules Credit: Rene Fluger Josef Horazny/Czech News Agency/Press Association Images

But the risk is that some EU countries will want to set up their own separate system rather than adopt the emerging international blueprint for tightening controls on large-scale tax avoidance schemes estimated to cost the European Union alone one trillion euros (£850 billion) a year.

On the eve of the summit Ireland rejected US Senate suggestions that Dublin's tax system was responsible for Apple's ability to its slash its tax bills by holding profits in Irish subsidiaries.

Cameron seeking global action to counter tax evasion

David Cameron will seek full EU backing for global action to counter tax evasion at a summit today.The Prime Minister wants the summit in Brussels to bolster the plan ahead of a G8 gathering he is hosting in Northern Ireland in June.

David Cameron will seek full EU backing for global action to counter tax evasion at a summit today. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

In a letter to fellow EU leaders Mr Cameron urged European governments to act against "staggering" losses from tax evasion and "aggressive avoidance" by adopting a US system of cross-border tax information exchange.

The UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy are jointly testing a scheme and intend to implement it by the end of this year.

PM prepares for summit in wake of EU backlash

As David Cameron prepares to address an EU summit he is still recovering from a bruising weekend during which he had to email his own party to smooth relations with activists, insisting he would never have anyone close to him who "sneered" at them.

There have been claims David Cameron's conduct in office has taken him further away from Tory loyalists. Credit: David Jones/PA Archive

He contacted them after reports that a close ally dismissed some of them as "mad, swivel-eyed loons" after a revolt over no mention of a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union in the Queen's Speech.

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