Family lead Lee Rigby tributes

Memorial services for Drummer Lee Rigby have been held in his home city of Manchester and in Woolwich, with his family paying tribute at the spot in south London where the 25-year-old soldier was killed last Wednesday.

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BNP leader lays flowers at soldier's death site

British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin today laid flowers at the site of Drummer Lee Rigby's death in Woolwich, south London.

The far-right politician claimed he had come for personal rather than political reasons.

BNP leader Nick Griffin leaves flowers at the scene where the soldier Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich. Credit: Empics
Members of the media gather round BNP leader Nick Griffin as he lays flowers in Woolwich. Credit: Empics


£600,000 donated to Help For Heroes since attack

Help for Heroes has experienced a huge surge in donations since the death of Drummer Lee Rigby, a spokesman confirmed.

Since Wednesday the charity has received almost £600,000. A spokesman said:

Help For Heroes has been the unexpected focus of this spontaneous and instinctive desire to counter evil with good. Since Wednesday afternoon H4H has received almost £600,000 in money and pledges from the great British public and donations continue to come in.

Every penny that is donated by the public in response to Lee's death will help support his brothers and sisters in arms for years to come.

Family of Lee Rigby pay emotional tribute to their 'hero'

The family of Drummer Lee Rigby spoke of their immense pride as they described their grief on Friday. Speaking during an emotional press conference his widow Rebecca said she could not comprehend that he was killed inside the UK, where he "should have been safe."

ITV News reporter Damon Green reports from Middleton, Greater Manchester.


Exclusive: CCTV shows Drummer Lee Rigby two days before attack

ITV News has obtained CCTV images of Drummer Lee Rigby wearing a Help For Heroes sweatshirt two days before he was killed in an attack in Woolwich.

Surveillance cameras show the murdered soldier in a fast food takeaway shop near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, where the 25-year-old soldier was based.

Timecodes on the footage show Drummer Rigby entering the shop at 9.23pm on Monday and leaving at 9.35pm.

The shop's owner said he knew the soldier as 'Lee' and said he was a regular customer.

Drummer Lee Rigby is seen entering the shop at 9.23pm. Credit: ITV News
Another angle shows him ordering food. Credit: ITV News
Drummer Lee Rigby seen again at 9.24pm. Credit: ITV News

Poem in tribute to Woolwich soldier

The family of Lee Rigby arrive at a press conference in Manchester. Credit: PA Wire

Lee Rigby's stepfather Ian read out a poem, a tribute to Lee from an unknown poster on a Facebook page, which read:

"You fought bravely and with honour died,

"You leave your family so full of pride,

"Sleep well young soldier, your job is done,

"Your war is over, your battle won.

"Our family chain is broken and nothing is the same,

"But as God takes us one by one,

"Our chain will link again."

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