Arrests after London EDL demo

Supporters of the far-right EDL marched on Downing Street in a protest sparked by the killing of a soldier outside his barracks in Woolwich on Wednesday. Scotland Yard said 13 arrests were made during the protest and counter-protest.

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Police make 13 arrests during London protests

Police made several more arrests after a group of EDL supporters made their way back to Downing Street before being dispersed by police.

Scotland Yard said a total of 13 people had been arrested for a range of public-order offences throughout the day.

The figure is thought to include both EDL supporters and anti-fascist protesters.

EDL and anti-fascists in angry clashes in London

Supporters of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) marched on Downing Street today in a protest sparked by the killing of a British soldier outside his barracks in Woolwich on Wednesday.

EDL demonstrators and counter-demonstrators from the Unite Against Fascism (UAF) movement exchanged angry chants and, later, glass bottles and other missiles.

Police said three people were arrested during the protests.

This video report is by ITV News London reporter Ria Chatterjee:


Three arrests during Downing Street protests

Scotland Yard said three arrests had been made during the protest and counter-protest outside Downing Street.

Members of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) congregated after their march in Leicester Square, central London.

As one youth was taken away by police, the crowd began throwing bottles at them.

One officer was hit on the head with a glass bottle and the mob followed the officers, chanting "who the f*** is Allah?" before being pushed back towards the square.

Skirmishes broke out around the square, with several men threatening a youth wearing a Palestinian scarf with a stick before police intervened.

  1. Ben Chapman - ITV News reporter

Police hold EDL protesters in Leicester Square

Behind the police line at Leicester Square in central London. Credit: Ben Chapman

After an EDL rally in Whitehall was dispersed earlier, supporters of the far-right group are now running through Leicester Square chanting "English till I die" and throwing bottles at police.

Police are holding the protesters in Leicester Square and closing the pubs in which they had been drinking.


EDL seen moving down Whitehall

This footage shows English Defence League (EDL) supporters marching down Whitehall in central London towards Downing Street.

Sections of the protesters are seen gathering at a barrier to shout angrily at media and anti-fascist demonstrators gathered on the other side of the street.

ITV News reporter Ben Chapman, who is at the scene, said the protest is loud and and at times aggressive but largely peaceful.

He said there was a small number of bottles thrown and and some runs at police lines but the authorities had the situation under control.

EDL brand Cameron a 'coward'

EDL leader Tommy Robinson told the demonstration: "This is a day of respect for our Armed Forces."

The crowd repeatedly chanted "coward" after he claimed Prime Minister David Cameron was on holiday "because he doesn't care".

Mr Robinson added: "They've had their Arab Spring. This is time for the English Spring."

EDL protesters positioned opposite Downing Street

Around 1,000 EDL protesters then made their way along Whitehall before taking a position on the pavement across the road from Downing Street.

A smaller group of anti-fascist demonstrators gathered opposite them holding an "EDL Racists" banner.

Both sides traded insults but were kept apart by officers and barriers.

The EDL supporters chanted: "We hate Cameron."

The anti-fascist supporters chanted: "Racist scum off our streets."

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