Oklahoma tornadoes kill nine

Powerful tornadoes have struck Oklahoma for the second time in as many weeks and left nine people dead, including a mother and child. Thousands of people have been left without power as the storm caused destruction to properties and vehicles.

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Three storm chasers among Oklahoma dead

Three storm chasers were among the nine people killed in the most recent tornadoes to strike Oklahoma, CNN reports.

Tim Samaras, 55, and his 24-year-old son Paul died along with 45-year-old Carl Young whilst chasing a tornado in El Reno, relatives said.

Writing on Facebook, Jim Samaras confirmed that the trio had been killed:

Thank you to everyone for the condolences. It truly is sad that we lost my great brother Tim and his great son, Paul.

The men who died made a living from researching and recording extreme weather.

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Officials assess damage after Oklahoma tornadoes

Emergency officials in Oklahoma are assessing the damage after a violent burst of thunderstorms and tornadoes swept across the Midwest overnight, killing at least nine people and injuring dozens more.

Mikie Hooper of Tuttle, Oklahoma, collects her belongings from the wreckage of her trailer. Credit: REUTERS/Bill Waugh
Cary Dehart photographs tornado damage at Canadian Valley Technology Center's Aviation Technology building in El Reno, Oklahoma. Credit: REUTERS/Bill Waugh
A tornado-damaged house in El Reno, Oklahoma. Credit: REUTERS/Bill Waugh
Two pickup trucks pictured stuck in high water in El Reno, Oklahoma. Credit: REUTERS/Bill Waugh

Shell-shocked Oklahoma residents panicked by tornado

The return of tornadoes and torrential rains to Oklahoma has caused panic among residents still shell-shocked by the May 20 tornado and caused them to behave erratically, the mayor of Oklahoma City has said.

For reasons that are not clear to me, more people took to the roads, more than we expected. Everyone acted differently in this storm, and as a result, it created an extremely dangerous situation.

I think we are still a little shaken by what happened in Moore. We are still burying children and victims, so our emotions are still strong.

– Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett

Brandi Vanalphen, 30, said she took extreme measures when she found herself among hundreds of drivers trapped on Oklahoman roads as they attempted to flee the latest threatening tornado system.

What got me scared was being stuck in traffic with sirens going off. I started seeing power flashes to the north, and I said 'screw this.' I started driving on the shoulder. People started driving over the grass.

– Brandi Vanalphen


Flash flooding hits Oklahoma in wake of tornado

Tornadoes rampaging through Oklahoma have dumped heavy rains, stranding motorists in flood water and deluging homes across Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.

The US National Weather Service later lifted a tornado warning for the region, but said flash floods remain a clear threat.

Power utilities Oklahoma Gas and Electric and Ameren said 171,000 customers were without power in Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois, which had been under a tornado warning on Thursday.

Drivers warned after fatalities on Oklahoma highways

The sight of large vehicles flipped along the state's roadside is testimony to the power of the storms. Credit: REUTERS/Bill Waugh

Oklahoma officials remain worried that drivers stuck on highways could be trapped in the path of dangerous twisters spawned by the violent thunderstorms hitting the US state.

A mother and baby - who are among five confirmed killed by the latest tornado - died when their car was flipped on Interstate 40.

Between 40 to 50 people are being treated for storm-related injuries, health officials have said.

Five patients, including a child, are in critical condition.

Tornado causes destruction across Oklahoma state

Thousands of people have been left without power in their homes following a second tornado to hit Oklahoma in the space of two weeks.

Around 50 people were injured in the storm, according to the Associated Press.

A home is in pieces, east of El Reno, Oklahoma. Credit: REUTERS/Bill Waugh
Oklahoma Highway Patrol staff look at a flipped vehicle, which was blown off of Interstate-40, killing a mother and child. Credit: REUTERS/Bill Waugh
A large truck is blown off course by the tornado. Credit: REUTERS/Bill Waugh
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