Canadian banks 'interest' in RBS

A hedge fund boss has been snapped going into Downing Street with papers on display that appear to show discussions about RBS and Canadian banks.

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Possible futures for taxpayer owned RBS

In a series of deals in 2008 and 2009 the UK government bought a 81% stake in RBS to rescue the bank.

As shares have struggled to regain their former value there are ongoing concern about how long the bank will stay in taxpayer hands and fears the government could lose money on the deal.

The future of the bank has been much debated, earlier this week there was talk of shares in the bank being given out to taxpayers to get it back in private hands.

Last week saw rumours of plans to split the bank as the Banking Commission met to decide on its recommendations.

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Today has seen a hedge fund boss pictured outside Downing Street with papers hinting at Canadian interest in the bank.


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