Syria Briton 'alive not dead'

A Briton reported killed in Syria is alive, his family have confirmed to ITV News.

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Briton in Syria 'a moral duty' to force out Assad regime

Journalist Tam Hussein has been in direct contact with Ali Al Manasfi and has spoken to him several times. Ali did confirm that he is still in Syria but did not want to share his exact location for security reasons.

Ali Al Manasfi Credit: ITV News

Ali considers himself a freedom fighter, not a terrorist and believes it is his religious and moral duty as a Syrian and a Muslim to help the rebels rid Syria of the Assad regime. Ali said he wants to be "left to get on with what he's doing and be left alone by the media".

Briton reported killed in Syria is alive

It's emerged a Briton reported killed by government forces in Syria, is alive. State television showed the passport of 22-year-old Ali Al Manasfi, saying he had been shot during an ambush Idlib.

However, speaking to ITV News his half brother Safwan says he is still alive, but until now wanted to remain anonymous while supporting Syrian rebel groups. It's thought Ali lost his passport before the ambush and it ended up in the hands of the Syrian government.

Ali Al Manasfi Credit: ITV News

Ali Al Manasfi also wanted to speak out about various reports which referred to him as a "terrorist", where he in fact considered himself a freedom fighter.


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