Haze still polluting Singapore

Haze from fires in Indonesia have enveloped Singapore for a fourth day with pollution levels at a record high in one of Southeast Asia's worst air-pollution crises.

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Firefighters continue to tackle Indonesia forest fires

Firefighters are continuing to tackle forest fires in Indonesia that have led to a thick haze in some cities as well as Singapore and parts of Malaysia.

Firefighters spray water on burning palm oil trees in Dumai, Indonesia Credit: Reuters

Hospitals in Dumai and Bengkalis in Indonesia's Riau province have recorded increases in cases of asthma, lung, eye and skin problems, health official Arifin Zainal told Reuters.

Volunteers prepare new face masks to give to residents.

Free face masks are being distributed and authorities have advised residents to stay indoors with their windows shut.

Some of the fires are believed to have been started illegally by farmers to clear land. Credit: Reuters


Record pollution as smoky haze shrouds Singapore

Air pollution levels in Singapore have soared to a 16-year record high for a third consecutive day, as a smoky haze from forest fires in Indonesia shrouds the city state.

Its main air pollution index hit a measurement of 401 at midday, which is classified as "hazardous" and can aggravate respiratory ailments, the Associated Press reports.

A man wearing a mask walks past the skyline of Singapore's business district Credit: Reuters/Edgar Su

Indonesia's Environment Minister met with Singapore's Environment and Water Resources Minister today to discuss solutions and efforts to mitigate the impact of the fires.

People wearing masks as they cross a street in Singapore's Orchard Road Shopping Area Credit: Reuters

The haze is a recurring problem as a result of forest fires in the dry season, some of which are deliberately started to clear land for cultivation.

A firefighter sprays water into burnt peatland in Palalawan district in Riau province Credit: Reuters/Fikih Nauli
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