Life sentences for abuse gang

Five members of a sadistic paedophile ring found guilty of grooming vulnerable underage girls were given life sentences for their "depraved" crimes today. Two other men were jailed for seven years each.

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Police tell abusers: 'We know how you work, we are coming for you'

Senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Simon Morton, who was praised by the judge for his work on the abuse ring case in Oxford, has reassured victims of abuse that they will be helped by police and warned offenders:

" We know how you think, we know how you work, be under no doubt, no doubt, we are coming for you."

Outside court he said:

Today is a great day for the victims. At last they have seen justice.Tonight, when the girls go home, they can go home in confidence, knowing that these men that have caused them so much pain are behind bars.

But, more than that, this shows every victim in the country that justice can work and it can work for them.

And I put a plea out to them - if you have suffered in the same way that our girls have suffered, please come forward and tell your story, we can help.

There is another message here and the message is this - if you even think about carrying out or committing the sort of sexual atrocities that we have seen in this case then think again.

Look over your shoulder and keep looking over your shoulder.

We know how you think, we know how you work, be under no doubt, no doubt, we are coming for you.

CPS promises support to abuse victims

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has promised that victims of abuse will be supported by the agency and police in future after seven men were sentenced for the abuse of girls as young as 11 in Oxford.

The abuse these girls were subjected to was truly appalling. Today’s sentences reflect the seriousness of the offences, and the young age and vulnerability of the victims when the offences were committed.

This is an important point for other victims out there, who may think that they won’t be believed because they too seemingly ‘agreed’ to sexual activity. The background and context of such sexual activity is of crucial importance and victims who are forced to succumb to it by the use of such tactics do not, in the eyes of the law, consent to it. Their freedom to make a choice has been cruelly taken away from them.

This case shows our approach is working, and I urge any victims of sexual offences to come forward and report their abuse to the appropriate authorities. We and the police will listen and support you.

– Baljit Ubhey, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Thames and Chiltern


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NSPCC: Oxford authorities took too long to act

The NSPCC says that the authorities in Oxfordshire did not take action soon enough to stop the abuse of young vulenerable women in care.

Peter Wanless, the NSPCC CEO said: "“Whilst we recognise the authorities in Oxford did eventually take effective and coordinated action, this took far too long".

"There was a systematic failure to stop the gang earlier and protect the girls who raised the alarm on several occasions".

"The trial revealed that staff knew one of the girls was being sexually groomed yet no immediate action was taken".

" We need a fundamental shift in how the system treats vulnerable young people with all carers acting as good parents would when children are at risk".

“The positive development from all of this is that professionals are now treating the girls as victims and not delinquent children".

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Thames Valley Police: this is justice for the victims

This is a great result for the victims. At last they can see justice has been done.

These men have received a total of at least 95 years. The girls can now start to move on with their lives knowing the men that caused them so much pain are locked up.

More than that, every victim around the country can see that justice does work. If you’ve suffered like these girls have, please come and tell us your story, we can help you.

There is another message here. Anyone out there who even thinks of committing sexual atrocities like these needs to look over their shoulder and keep looking over their shoulder.

We know how you work, we know how you think. Be in no doubt, we are coming for you.

– Senior Investigating Officer Simon Morton, Thames Valley Police


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