Deported man 'unlawfully killed'

Jimmy Mubenga, a father-of-five being deported from Britain to his native Angola, was unlawfully killed on a British Airways flight in October 2010 after three G4S guards restrained him, an inquest jury has found.

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Inquest co-director: Mubenga death 'waiting to happen'

The co-director of charity Inquest Deborah Coles has said today that Jimmy Mubenga's death was "waiting to happen", after an inquest jury found the father-of-five was unlawfully killed as he was deported from Britain.

Ms Coles said: "There are longstanding and well documented concerns about the conduct and accountability of the private removals industry and a pattern of complaints about the use of excessive force".

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Restrained man being deported heard 'wailing for help'

A father-of-five being deported from Britain died of cardio-respiratory collapse, where the heart stops beating and a person stops breathing, an inquest jury found today.

Jimmy Mubenga was on a British Airways flight to the African country when security guards noticed he was not breathing.

Other passengers on board the flight said they heard Mr Mubenga wailing for help after saying he could not breathe, with one of the guards apparently replying: "Yes, you can."

No charges have ever been brought against the security guards, despite Mr Mubenga's widow claiming that somebody ought to be held responsible for his death.


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G4S defends handling of Jimmy Mubenga case

Security agency G4S has defended its handling of a case in which a 46-year-old man being deported from Britain was 'unlawfully killed', an inquest found today.

G4S defends handling of Jimmy Mubenga case. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

A G4S spokeswoman said: "The death of anyone in our care is deeply felt by all of us and the death of Mr Mubenga was a very tragic event.

"The welfare of those in our care is always our top priority and we take great care to ensure that our employees on this contract, which has been carried out by another provider since November 2011, were made aware of their responsibilities in this respect.

"Our employees were also trained, screened and vetted to the standards defined by strict Home Office guidelines.

"We believe that at all times we acted appropriately and in full compliance with the terms of our contract with UKBA and it should be noted that the Crown Prosecution Service found no basis on which to bring criminal charges against G4S in this case".

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Wife says Mubenga's death 'worse than an animal'

The wife of a man who died during deportation has said outside court that her late husband was treated "worse than an animal" on the flight.

Speaking outside Isleworth Crown Court, Adrienne Makenda Kambana said about her husband Jimmy Mubenga:

He was neglected on the plane worse than an animal. What the witnesses said, they heard Jimmy asking for help. Nobody helped him.

Jimmy should be here, but because he didn't get help, that's why he's not here.

Every time they are deporting someone they need to put someone to monitor them, how they are doing, how they are treating the deportee.

He was a human being, a loving person. He did not deserve his death. His death is worse than an animal.


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