Shard protesters released on bail

Six Greenpeace protesters who scaled western Europe's tallest building, The Shard in London, have been released on bail after being arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass last night. They were demonstrating over drilling in the Arctic.

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Who are the Shard protest climbers?

Greenpeace has tweeted brief biographies of five of the six women who are climbing The Shard as a protest against fossil fuel companies drilling in the Arctic.

Five of the six protest climbers Credit: Greenpeace UK

Sabine (top left) was "inspired to train as a climber after helping other activists get ready in Belgium".

Sandra (top centre) is from Sweden and has "just finished an MA in environmental science". She is also the lead climber.

Wiola (top right) from Poland "wants to change the way companies exploit vulnerable regions like the Arctic".

Liesbeth (bottom left) is from the Netherlands and "began climbing in high school". She now climbs ice, rock, alpine as well as The Shard.

Ali (botton right) is the only British protester. She has been climbing since she was 18 and hopes the protest can "bring attention to the dangers facing the Arctic".

The sixth climber is Canadian Victoria and is taking part because she "wanted to shout about something from the rooftops".

Greenpeace Shard climbers pictured during 'training'

Environmental charity Greenpeace has tweeted this photo of the Shard climbers taking part in a training exercise yesterday. They appear to be using a ladder to climb through a hatch in the roof of a lorry.

Greenpeace protest climbers in training Credit: Twitter/@GreenpeaceUK

The training appears to have been aimed at the first stage of the climb when the protesters emerge from a lorry via a ladder to start the ascent.

The protesters emerging from the roof of a lorry at the base of The Shard this morning Credit: David Sandison/Greenpeace/PA Wire
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Clegg: Shard climbers should 'protest in different way'

The Deputy Prime Minister has said he disagrees with activists climbing The Shard today, deeming it to be "dangerous".

Nick Clegg disagrees with protest. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Asked about the Shard protest during his call-in show on LBC 97.3 radio Nick Clegg said:

"Of course what they are doing looks extraordinary on the telly, (but) I don't actually support them doing something like that, which is going to tie up a lot of police time and is obviously quite dangerous.

"I really do think that they could get their point across to the companies which they are seeking to address in a different way."


The Shard closes viewing deck due to activists' climb

In a statement, a spokesperson for The Shard said:

The Shard continues to work with the emergency services and we are in constant discussion with the Greenpeace representatives to ensure the safety of the protestors.

In the interests of public and protestor safety, the building’s emergency response team has advised The View to close with immediate effect.

We apologise to guests for the inconvenience caused and The View will be pleased to honour their tickets either later on today or on a different date.

All three restaurants and our offices remain open at this stage.

We take security, health and safety of all our occupiers and visitors to the building extremely seriously.

– The Shard
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Celebrities tweet support to Shard climbers

Singers Annie Lennox and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, as well as actor Ewan McGregor, have all shown their support to six activists who have been climbing the Shard in protest of oil drilling in the Arctic.

Commuters gaze in disbelief at Shard climbers

Outside The Shard, crowds gathered and commuters stopped to take pictures of the protesters as they progressed several hundred feet up.

The women are climbing in two groups - three in each.

They are currently about halfway up and appear to have stopped for a break.

Commuters nearby look up at the protesters climbing the building. Credit: PA
Climber Liesbeth Deddens, 31, from the Netherlands, makes her way up the Shard. People in the building peer out of their windows. Credit: PA
People on the ground nearby point up at the climbers. Credit: PA
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