Former Met chief to be a peer

Former Met Police deputy commissioner Brian Paddick, JCB boss Sir Anthony Bamford, Doreen Lawrence and Ministry of Sound mogul James Palumbo are among those to be made peers in the House of Lords

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Doreen Lawrence's 'strength a huge asset' for the Lords

Doreen Lawrence has changed attitudes and policing in the UK, Labour leader Ed Milband said today after it was announced that she would be made a Labour peer.

Labour party leader Ed Miliband Credit: PA Wire

Mr Miliband said: "Over the past 20 years, Doreen Lawrence has had a profound impact on Britain and I am delighted that she will become a Labour member of the House of Lords.

"Since the horrific racist murder of her son, Doreen has shown incredible strength and courage as she sought, and continues to seek, justice for Stephen.

"She has changed attitudes to policing and racism in this country and I have no doubt that her strength and determination will be a huge asset to the House of Lords in the coming years."


List of latest House of Lords peerages announced

The list of the latest House of Lords peerages has been announced, by political party, they include:

  • 14 Conservatives peers, including Daniel Finkelstein OBE, Associate Editor of The Times and Sir Stephen Sherbourne, former Political Secretary to Margaret Thatchery
  • 5 Labour party peers, including race equality campaigner Doreen Lawrence and Sir Charles Allen CBE, non-executive director of LOCOG.
  • 10 Liberal Democrat peers, including former Met Police deputy commissioner Brian Paddick and James Palumbo, co-founder of Ministry of Sound Group.
  • 1 Green party peer, Jenny Jones, former chair of the Green Party.

Former Met Police chief to be made a Lib Dem peer

Former Met Police deputy commissioner Brian Paddick is to become a Liberal Democrat peer in the House of Lords, it has been announced.

Former Metropolitan Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick Credit: Rebecca Naden/PA Archive

As announced on Wednesday, Doreen Lawrence, the mother of murder teenager Stephen, has also been confirmed as receiving a seat in the Lords.

Race equality Campaigner Doreen Lawrence becomes a baroness.

Other names on a list of the latest peerages include Jenny Jones, former Chair of the Green Party and Ministry of Sound mogul James Palumbo.

London's Ministry of Sound is a world renowned nightclub and record label. Credit: Press Assocation

Labour Lords welcome Doreen Lawrence peerage

Labour peers have welcomed the news that Stephen Lawrence's mother Doreen is to be made a Labour peer:

Stephen Lawrence's mother Doreen to be made a peer

Doreen Lawrence is expected to follow the Labour whip in the Lords. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Doreen Lawrence, who has campaigned tirelessly for justice following the racist murder of her son Stephen, is to receive a seat in the House of Lords in a new peerages list.

The 60-year-old will be confirmed as a baroness when the list is published, which is expected to be tomorrow.

The London Evening Standard has reported she will be a Labour peer and is expected to attend the Lords regularly.


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