Syrian snipers shoot at convoy

The United Nations chemical weapons team in Damascus have been shot at by Syrian snipers, a UN spokesperson said. The experts have reportedly returned to their hotel after inspecting the site of an alleged 'gas attack'.

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  1. Geraint Vincent

UN inspectors unlikely to be granted access to site

At the moment these UN chemical weapons inspectors are not allowed to inspect very much.

They are in Syria, effectively as the guests of the Syrian regime, and they are scheduled to visit three sites, two of which have not even been disclosed.

When they get there they are only mandated to inspect whether chemical weapons were used in these places. They are not to reach any conclusions about who used them.

So I think the likelihood of the Syrian regime independently arranging an unscheduled incursion, down to the site in east Damascus where the alleged attack is said to have happened, is extremely small.

Not to mention the fact that it is, of course, in a war zone.

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