Syria appeals to French MPs

The Assad regime has written to French MPs ahead of tomorrow's debate on Syria, warning them against military intervention

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Syrian regime tells France MPs: 'We can work together'

The Assad regime has told the French Parliament that "we can work together to reach a diplomatic solution" on the Syria crisis, in a letter obtained by Sky News.

It reportedly says: "We write to you as parliamentary colleagues, and as representatives of our people; but most importantly we write to you as fathers, mothers and family members, in a society no different to yours: we write to you as human beings and we ask you 'if you bomb us, will we bleed'?"

It is a similar move by the Syrians to last week when a letter was sent to British MPs ahead of the crucial Syria vote.

Earlier French President Francois Hollande said he would not go ahead with action without the US.

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Assad: Accusers must provide chemical weapon proof

Speaking to French newspaper Le Figaro, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has challenged the US and France to provide proof of chemical weapons proof.

Whoever makes accusations must provide proof. We have challenged the US and France to put forward a single piece of proof. Mr Obama and Mr Hollande have been incapable of doing so.

I do not say whether the Syrian army possesses such arms or not. Suppose that our army wished to use weapons of mass destruction, is it possible that it would do it within a zone where it is itself present and where soldiers have been injured by these weapons, as found by UN inspectors who visited them at the hospital where they are being treated? Where is the logic?

– Bashar al-Assad

Assad warns of 'regional war' over strikes on Syria

President Bashar al-Assad has warned of the danger of "a regional war" in the Middle East if the US and France launch a military strike on Syria.

President Bashar al-Assad. Credit: Reuters

Asked how Damascus would respond to any strike, the Syrian President told French newspaper Le Figaro: "The Middle East is a powder-keg, and today the spark is getting closer. One must not talk only about the Syrian response, but also about what could happen after the first strike.

"No-one can know what will happen. Everyone will lose control of the situation once the power-keg explodes. Chaos and extremism will spread. The risk exists of a regional war."


France: Bombings were bid to cover-up chemical attack

A French government official says it has intelligence that appears to show the Syrian chemical attack was an attempt to take back the territories, reports Reuters.

The official says the Syrian regime subsequently bombed areas where chemical strikes took place to wipe out evidence.

They added that the Syrian use of chemical weapons poses a major threat to French and global security.

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