Apple unveils new iPhones

Apple has unveiled iPhone 5C - which Apple claims is a more affordable version of the popular iPhone 5 - and the iPhone 5S at a California event.

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Mixed reviews for Apple as iPhone 5S 'plays it safe'

  • Pocket-Lint founder Stuart Miles says Apple is "continuing to play it safe" with the 5S but thought the "much faster" processor would "instantly make a difference in games."
  • Rick Broida at CNet pulls no punches in his review of the "most disappointing iPhone update yet", saying the improved processor would make no difference battery life was still very much lacking.

Budget Apple phone 'could be trump card'

Apple's budget new handset, the iPhone 5C, could be the device to finally compete with the range of cheaper Android devices that have gained significantly in popularity over the past few years.

Ernest Doku, of comparison, also hailed the advanced model, adding theApple's "rock-bottom" pricing injected a "modicum of surpass" into its latest announcements.

Apple's never had an offering for the mid-range smartphone market, leaving Samsung - with a phone for every budget - to clean up. The 5C could well be the trump card needed to trounce Android's hand.


Apple fingerprint reader 'could lead to mutilations'

The inclusion of a fingerprint reader in Apple's new iPhone 5S could encourage thieves to mutilate owners in order to gain access to their phones, a security expert has warned.

Marc Rogers of mobile security firm Lookout said thieves "have worked out that you can force a victim to unlock a secured device" and have even been known to cut people's fingers off.

They have also succeeding in lifting and duplicating prints with technology that "is only going to improve with time", he added.

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Main features of Apple's iPhone 5S

Here are the main features of Apple's newly-unveiled iPhone 5S:

  • Similar slim handset to iPhone 5 but available in gold, black and "space grey"
  • Prices start at £126 ($199) for the 16GB model, rising to £254 ($399)
  • Features fingerprint recognition system called 'Touch ID' instead of passcode
  • Improved camera captures video at 120 frames per second
  • Longer battery life including 250 hours of standby life
  • Able to monitor user's motion data to enhance health and fitness apps


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