Hutton jailed for 15 years

Amanda Hutton has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after being found guilty of the manslaughter of her four-year-old son, Hamzah Khan.

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Services email sparks Hamzah case review row

Questions have been raised over the extent to which statutory agencies were involved with the mother of four-year-old Hamzah Khan who was starved to death.

The outgoing director of children's services in the city, Kath Tunstall, sent an email to Bradford MPs this morning saying "no serious concerns were reported to the statutory agencies". She added:

[I] can advise you that there was limited involvement from statutory agencies in this case as mum did not want to take up offers of help and no serious concerns were reported to the statutory agencies.

This is not a case where lots of agencies were involved and didn't see the signs, the question is how can this happen and professionals, neighbours, communities not be aware of it and so there will be lessons to be learned.

Hutton's stepfather 'blames' services over death

The step-father of Amanda Hutton has said social services and other agencies had failed to "look after" four-year-old Hamzah Khan, whose body was discovered at her home almost two years after he died in December 2009.

Mr Jackson added that it was "irrelevant" that Hutton had 'refused' help from services. He later added that he agreed with the sentencing, as she was jailed for 15 years today.


Galloway condemns services email over Hutton case

George Galloway, the Respect MP for Bradford West, where the mother of four-year-old boy Hamzah Khan lived, today condemned an email from the outgoing director of children's services in the city, Kath Tunstall, saying that "no serious concerns were reported to the statutory agencies".

Respect MP George Galloway Credit: PA

Mr Galloway said he believed this was "in conflict with evidence which was given at the trial".

"But in any event it is deplorable that Ms Tunstall should try to wash her, and her department's hands, of any involvement or culpability in advance of the serious case review into what went wrong," he said.

Review held after agencies 'involved' in Hamzah case

A Serious Case Review has taken place as the alcoholic mother who starved her four-year-old son to death was jailed for 15 years today.

Paul Greaney QC, prosecuting, said various agencies' activities did not result in Hamzah Khan's body being discovered. Mr Greaney added:

The history of what then occurred is complex. Social services, education services and the police were all involved to a greater or lesser extent.

All of that demands attention and explanation, and we understand that a Serious Case Review has been conducted and has concluded.

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Hamzah's father 'did little' to help his children

The court heard how salesman Tariq Khan was a "mummy's boy" who acted out of "misplaced loyalty" to Hutton. And the judge questioned the role of Aftab Khan - the father of all of Hutton's eight children.

The jury heard how Aftab Khan subjected Hutton to domestic violence over many years and in 2008, after he was arrested for an assault on her, told police that Hamzah was undernourished and claimed he was going to inform social services. But there is no record that call was ever made.

Your partner and father of your children knew about your drinking and your lack of care of the children. He in fact seems to have done little in all reality to address your conduct so as to improve the welfare of his children.

– Judge Roger Thomas QC
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Tariq Khan asks to be left alone

Tariq Khan left Bradford Crown Court in a media scrum after being given a two-year suspended sentence for preventing the burial of his little brother Hamzah. He refused to answer reporters' questions, although he did tell Calendar's Jon Hill that he just wished to be 'left alone for a while'.

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