Motorists 'fined £30m' monthly

Councils are raking in £30 million in revenue from parking charges, new data has revealed. A freedom of information (FOI) request launched by car insurer LV= found councils were issuing 890,000 every month, bringing in at least £30 million.

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'Easy to get caught out' on parking says car insurer

A car insurer behind an expose on the revenue brought in by parking fines has warned motorists to double check parking restrictions when visiting a new area.

Managing director of LV= car insurance, John O'Roarke, warned drivers "it is easy to get caught out" and to double check signs before parking.

Parking rules vary in each council area and it is easy to get caught out when you don't know the restrictions.

Getting a ticket can be very expensive and often take months to reverse.

Parking on a Sunday is becoming increasingly difficult and it's easy to get caught out if you don't know the local rules.

If in doubt, check the sign explaining the parking restrictions and if you are still unsure try to park somewhere else.

– Managing director of LV= car insurance John O'Roarke


Number of parking tickets increases from last year

According to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request launched by car insurer LV=, local councils are issuing more parking tickets on average than they were in 2012:

  • Council across the UK now dole out on average, 162 parking tickets per day compared with 154 last year.
  • City of Westminster hands out the most parking tickets of any local council. They have issued on average 1,269 tickets daily.
  • Birmingham City Council issued the most fixed penalties for parking outside of London, issuing 339 every day.
  • Bristol City Council gave out 271 every day.
  • More than 284,000 tickets were issued by parking wardens on Sundays between January and May this year - up 13% on the same period last year.

Parking fines totalling £30 million 'every month'

Parking fines are reaping in £30 million for local authorities every month. Credit: PA

Motorists are coughing up more £30 million each month in parking fines, figures suggest.

A Freedom of Information request launched by car insurer LV= exposed the rise in fines issued to drivers for failing to park properly.

More tickets have been issued this year by councils than in 2012, with a 4% rise on last year, and based on an average amount of £42 per ticket, drivers are now paying over £30 million each month.

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