GPs 'too busy with paperwork'

Doctors are forced to spend too much time on paperwork and it prevents them from spending time with their patients, a survey has found. Research released by solicitors Your Legal Friend found doctors spent 17 hours looking after administration.

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GP: Doctors weighed down by Govt reforms

Doctors feel hampered by Government reforms to the NHS and patients "don't seem to be receiving the basic level of care they deserve," said a leading doctor.

Manchester based GP, Dr Chris Steele said it was paramount "patient care is placed front and centre at all time," in the NHS.

These are worrying times for the NHS, as doctors express considerable doubt about whether the system actually works.

Furthermore, patients don't seem to be receiving the basic level of care they deserve. The last thing any doctor wants is to see their patients suffer unnecessarily and we must address problems in the current system so that patient care is placed front and centre at all time.

– Resident doctor on ITV's This Morning Dr Chris Steele

Almost three quarters of doctors 'question' Hunt

An overwhelming number of doctors "question" the health secretary's ability to do his job, a survey has revealed.

According to the Your Legal Friend survey into NHS doctors' time management:

  • At least 72% of doctors question Jeremy Hunt's capability as health secretary.
  • A further 49% feel he is failing to understand the needs of the NHS.
  • Over one in four (28%) of doctors expressed deep concerns over the future of the NHS and could not see a future for the NHS.
  • Some 17% said cuts to the NHS was their number one professional concern, while the same proportion said they had too much paperwork.
  • A quarter said they knew patients delayed seeing them because of appointment waiting times and 55% of these thought this had a negative impact on recovery.


'Paperwork not patients' dominating doctors' time

GPs are spending too much time on paperwork when they would rather be looking after patients, a survey has found. Credit: PA

Doctors are swamped with paperwork and are forced to spend more time behind a desk than with their patients, a survey has found.

Attending management meetings and doing administration takes up around 17 hours a week, compared to seven hours spent at patients' bedsides.

The survey carried out by solicitors Your Legal Friend quizzed 400 doctors on their time management and their concerns about contact with patients.

Researchers also questioned 1000 members of the public on their experiences with the NHS.

Some 35% said they had received poor care from health workers while 71% delayed going to the doctor. Of these, 52% said it was because of trouble getting an appointment, with one in five waiting a week or more.

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