UN inspectors return to Syria

Chemical weapons inspectors are expected to return to Syria today. A United Nations team is believed to be setting off for Damascus to continue their ongoing efforts to determine the use of the weapons in the war torn country.

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Blair urges action if Syria chemical weapons not surrendered

Action should be taken against the Assad regime if the Syrian president does not give up its chemical weapons, former prime minister Tony Blair has said.

Speaking on CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight, he said:

If we manage to get the Syrians to give this up in a verifiable process, fine.

But if that doesn't happen, and that's why the (United Nations) Security Council resolution is also important, we have got to be prepared to enforce the will of the international community.

Asked if he would have been in favour of military intervention if he were still prime minister, Mr Blair replied:

I would have certainly pushed very hard to be with America as an ally at this moment. It's very important that the UK and the US stick together.

The bottom line, again, is that you can't have the use of chemical weapons happening without some reaction.

Russia 'pleased' UN inspectors are heading back to Syria

UN chemical weapons investigators are expected to return to Syria to continue investigating allegations of chemical weapons use there according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

Mr Ryabkov said:

We are pleased that our persistent calls for the return of UN experts to Syria for the investigation of other episodes have borne fruit.

According to the latest information, the group ... is leaving for Damascus.


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