Cost of lottery ticket rises

The price of a lottery ticket rises from £1 to £2 today, in the first increase since the national gamble was implemented in 1994. The rise will lead to winners taking home bigger prizes, organisers Camelot say.

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New lottery prices will fund bigger wins, says organiser

A lottery ticket will now cost £2 to pay for the extra prizes Camelot wants to give out. Credit: PA

Lottery tickets will now cost £2 instead of the original £1, in the biggest shakeup of pricing since the lottery began in 1994.

Those matching three numbers will now get a £25 payout, instead of £10, and the amount paid for four numbers rises from £60 to £100.

However, wins that were traditionally bigger have been scaled down - match five numbers now brings in £500 compared to £1,000, and that for five numbers and the bonus ball halving to £50,000.

Camelot is holding two £10 million jackpot draws to mark the launch of their new game.

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