Primark urges factory pay-outs

Primark has spoken publicly for the first time about the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, telling ITV News that other western firms who used the factory should join them in paying longer-term compensation to survivors and victims' relatives

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£4.8m from UK to improve Bangladesh work conditions

New UK support of £4.8 million will go towards the International Labour Organisation's ‘Improving the Working Conditions in the Ready Made Garment sector in Bangladesh’ programme to improve fire safety and protect workers.

More than a 1,130 people were killed when Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh Credit: Reuters

International Development Secretary Justine Greening said:

“April’s factory collapse took a dreadful toll on people in Bangladesh and galvanised much-needed action on safety. Six months on, this UK action will help the Government of Bangladesh, employers and manufacturers make improvements on safety and conditions.

“But there is still a long way to go. Everyone needs to continue to work together to maintain momentum and prevent future tragedies.”

Primark: Rana Plaza victims spread all over Bangladesh

Primark has shown ITV News details of its strategy to track down the 550 workers who were employed by its subcontractor in the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh.

The challenge is made harder by the fact that many of the workers and their dependants have left Dhaka and are spread the "length and breadth of Bangladesh," senior executive Paul Lister said.

Primark's Paul Lister shows Laura Kuenssberg a map showing where the 550 workers are living now Credit: ITV News

Primark, working with the University of Dhaka, has devised a scheme whereby students will travel out to each of the victims in order to assess their level of need.

This data will be entered into touch tablets, which contain software to calculate the level of compensation they can expect.

Primark's Paul Lister demonstrates how one of the touch tablets used to calculate compensation works Credit: ITV News


Luxury retailers 'sell clothes from Bangladesh factories'

High-end retailers are sourcing garments from the same factories in Bangladesh as Primark but are charging a higher price, one of the company's senior executives, told ITV News.

Paul Lister said: "If you look at who is sourcing out of Bangladesh, you'll see that clearly Primark sources out of Bangladesh, but actually next door to Primark in any given factory could be a Bond Street retailer, sourcing exactly the same sort of garment, sourcing a T-shirt.

"So ours at Primark would be £5 on our shelf, it could be £60 for the Bond Street retailer, in the same factory, with the same conditions, the same workforce, the same pay, as the £5 Primark T-shirt."


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